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Some canadian commercial


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My dealer told me this stuff made it all the way from Canada. Its pretty good, a very heavy body buzz. Picked up a zip for a good deal. Actually sold all but a quarter and made enough back to keep the quarter for free woo.


I did a size comparison with the candy bar to get into the halloween spirit :28:


The pic above is my favorite



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more canadian weed.. comes from ottawa area...

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Man some of those commercial strains from BC ain't bad at all, some of it has even made it's way to Norway i tell ya. But iv'e been to Canada and tried some so i know for sure. (My aunt's from Canada)
Just my 2 cents (Like it's worth anything?) Haha :)


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We grow our weed here in Canada very well.
I even have piks of our BC bud I posted in the thread we are in now.^_^
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