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I just got this bud, and the guy said it was "Purple mix KB". I'm not sure what it is. The smell is a very strong musky with a hint of fruit. The taste is like a fruity chemically taste. Very sticky, slightly dense bud.
I can usually find bud like this easy when college is in, but I was lucky to find this now that the college kids are gone. I payed 50 an eighth, so thats good.

You can see a little purple.


Used flash to show crystals.


This is the mids that i have to smoke day after day since I live in southeast Georgia. It's OK bud but i get tired of smoking it. It has a nice soapy taste to it. I pay 50$ a half, 100$ an ounce. Not bad though, a half lasts almost a week.

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those regs yo have look identical to mine, but those first to look pretty badass
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