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Some doubts before starting


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Hi all and greetings from Barcelona!

I am planning to finally switch to DWC Bubble system with a single SCROG plant, and i have some doubts before adapting my room.

some growroom data:

1x600W MH
1x600W HPS
240m3/h intake
400m3/h exhaust
160mm Rhino Filter
Darkroom 1,20x1,20m (about 4x4 feet)
Single-plant SCROG system.

I want to build myself the system but i have some doubts:

Considering the final size of the plant, how big do you think the water tank has to be?

How often do i have to completely change the water instead of just filling?

How big the air pump should be? I need to be silent so initially im discarting compressors. More air means always better? Or there's a point where we can say it's "enough" and from there is not worth to add more?

Here in Barcelona i'll have more problems cooling the water rather than warming up... Is there any well-thinked home-made or cheap method to cool it instead of just adding ice cubes?

Is it safe to root the clones in a DWC bubble system? (a smaller one). I'm reading the clones need to be 1-2cm below the water level for the first 2-3 days but i'm afraid about that because of fungus, etc. What do you think? Any good post about that? (i couldn't find it)

Do you guys actively clean up the tank (somehow) during the flowering stage? Or how do i have to do it to have it efficiently clean?

Thank you all!:nomo:
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