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Some new Buds


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Here are a few pics of a 1/2oz of some herb I picked up today. :3:


And here are a few buds. :allgood:


I am not sure what kind it is but it does smoke and taste good.:smoke2:


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nice. how come we can never get nice shit like that over here :(


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definatly some nice looking herb and $135 for a half ounce!? you can't beat that because around here you can never get a price break like that.. very nice man :allgood:


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Damn Cozmo, that bud looks good.. Enjoy it!

Jim Finnel

Fallen Cannabis Warrior & Ex News Moderator
i really don't want the news team smoking anything that i wouldn't actually smoke myself. it might reflect badly. in the future please submit a sample first. especially if your gonna post pictures of it. its your duty.


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That looks like it would be so nice in a hookah. Mmmm.


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looks so bomb... i love seeing other people smokign quality herb RIP IT!
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