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Anti-Love Poem-Poem
I tried to write you a love poem,
to tell you how I feel,
but the only problem with a love poem,
is all the words have been killed.
So, I sit here trying to find some words to
say, But all the words I think of were
thought of yesterday,
every word and every phrase no words are
mine. "I love your lips" "I love you eyes" you hear it all the time.
What I want is an original way to say "Be
"The sun may fade, but my love never will"
it'd be easier if the words were killed,
meaninless words, time after time, all I
want is you to be mine.
Endless stanzas, timeless rhyme schemes,
now to say "I love you" it takes a writing
as I sit here trying to wrtie you a rhyme,
I just realized, it's not worth the time


Come With Me
Did you ever wonder why?
Don't you ever stop to think?
Have you ever just said "enough?"
Do you want to veiw the world from
another point of view?
Then come with me.
A poor hugry child waiting to eat
Poverty ridden households begging
at your feet.
I can show you things that will make
you weep.
But for true happines come with me.
I can show you the world
I can be your escape from the
inperfections of life,
And all you have to do is,
Come With Me

Why Wake up?
As I walk down the streets
Of my old neighborhood,
I see the remains of
Where children once played,
There are now hookers, and junkies
beggin' for one more hit. I walk in my
old Brownstone, it's covered with
graffity, hallways smell of blood &
urine. I push my door open and see
police tape surrounding a body.
I turn the body over and through
the crimson mask I see my face,
my voice has fled,in my head I tell
myself "This is just a dream!!"
And I pass out. but when I wake up I
run to the window,no pushers,no junkies
& no hookers. there are only kids
only kids playing stickball &
a promise for tommorow. If this is a
dream... Why Wake Up?

Tell me what you think, even if you think they suck
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