Some pics to enjoy while we're waiting

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Nice looking picture collage there OS! You have a little bit of everything going on there. I will have to get over to check out your journal when I get some time :)
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It appears that you now have your own thread in the Crop King section of the forums lol :)
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Wonderful pics guys!! I hope that one day I can have such wonderful pictures :) My buds look nice but not as plentiful, still lots of learning to do with this indoor setup!

OG, I have to say I admire your acreage. It reminds me so much of back home on the east coast where I could grow more freely! The not so green but growing grass, the rolling hills, spruce and fur trees everywhere.. now im in the prairie flat lands.. hmmm .. I can't wait to get home, 18 more days and we are getting in the car for our road trip!!

Nice dog to btw, a breed of doberman? Gotta love having the dogs to protect our pads and goodies :) Also, loved the picture of the lady bugs getting it on haha! It's so like you to throw in a picture of that! and the root ball in the lowes bucket!! holy *$@^ lol

I will throw in some pictures from my first indoor grow here, it's all I got. I never documented my outdoor grows years ago, this site has taught me so much :)

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