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Somebody please help me!

I'm in a dire emergancy. If you know of anyone or anybody in the Florida area who can repair glass, please let me know asap. I know a lot of glass blowers don't like to fix pipes or bongs, but this is of absolute importance!

I broke my gravity bong. It was my most prized possession in life. Now that vote is going to end up between my PHX or my Dragon Steam Roller. I think my PHX set me up, so it could get higher on the list!!!!

I feel like crying. I will drive as many hours as needed. The glass tube inside the top piece cracked at the two air holes at the top.

I've stopped from freaking out and getting really angry by putting it in the back of my dark closet and locking the closet door and not looking at it. So I don't have a picture of the break yet.

If you know any glass blowers or are a glass blower yourself PLS PLS PLS PLS PLS contact me. I will pay anything, even if it costs more than a new gravity. We are soul mates!!! :( :( :(
Re: Somebody please help me!! I'm so sad :(

Maybe its time I accept the loss. NO NEVER! I CAN FIX HER DOC!

Remember the good times.

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Re: Somebody please help me!! I'm so sad :(

I dont live near ya but there are places here that would fix it for ya. If you clean it they really have no reason to say no...just people are stupid when they ask to get it repaired all the time by dropping illegal referances...


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Re: Somebody please help me! I'm so sad

I feel really bad.
I feel your pain dude.
I would be Crushed too.

Any luck trying to get her fixed?


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Re: Somebody please help me! I'm so sad

I know how it goes

our neighbor broke our slide..I bought Anf this bong for X-mas...;_;

least mine is an easy fix but still :/ *hugs*
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