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SomeGuy SourChem Soil Tent Hybrid/Sativa



Changed up the fans a couple days ago for the exhaust, holding a 79F now.

Was seeing the 82F-84F even with the lower wattage, so I believe we are good on that.

I am going to add another in line fan to the incoming line. Currently it is just a lower powered duct fan. With the upgrade I hope to be able to work on increasing the wattage of the light as well.

If I can’t control the temps at that point, I may try a slightly taller tent and see how that works out.



To the person that I texted the following to, please know, I texted you first and then copied here to note for myself . To note for others, that may want the dots connected, I am in the middle of a move...

Been a rough couple days for the plant. Have a digital microscope coming tomorrow. Gonna check trichs and see if harvest can happen. I checked with my magnifying stuff yesterday and was seeing some amber but didn’t get a clear view. Don’t have the tents back up so only cfl at the moment. Slept too much the other day, forgot lights, and they went 36hrs in darkness

...watered before photo. Fed the usual.
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