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Someone please help me


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Hello, I am on my 3rd indoor grow and this happens to me every time no matter what I change or do and this time I nearly have everything perfect! So my leafs (starting lower) are all dying then it goes up the plant and the whole thing ends up crumbling and turning yellow before the plant finishes ! this time I changed soil and everything still happening .. I am growing this time in happy frog with added blood meal and dolomite lime. 5 gallon buckets, feed schedule is Jacks classic 3 Days later water 3 days later molasses 3 days later water then repeat,water ph to between 6.5-6.7 day Temps stay between 70-80 night Temps from 60-70,400 watt for 3 plants and it's 3 diff plants so it's not genetics. I know the only thing Jacks doesn't have is calmag thats why I added dolomite lime and molasses every 4th water? Use filtered tap water... I just don't get it..also last feed they showed a very little nute burn on tips so it's not hungry. and it's not due to no light cuz in pic 1 and 2 the leaf is right in the light..also doesn't really happen in veg just flower. I put the photos in order of how the leaf gets worse as time goes on from 1-


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Re: Someone please help me :( !!

Looks like they are lacking a bit of nitrogen. The lower leaves start turning yellow first.
If your pH is ok then add some nitrogen supplement. I give my girls nitrogen up until week 3 of flowering.


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Re: Someone please help me :( !!

Nitrogen Deficiency. Very common when using flowering nutrients as they have very low N content of any at all in favour of the required P and K. Yellowing annoying of fan leaves is a good thing towards the end of flowering, however if you wish, a feed with N will sort the problem.

Take care not to over feed, N toxicity is much worse than deficiencies :)
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