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What is HARDER to cope with?

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Mr Ganja

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Could some of you fellow herb users give a bro some help?
Just started my first EVER crop and i need some pointers and advice if i am doing things right.

Check out my Posts and let me know!!!



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Mr. G---Welcome to 420, great information from great people with a wealth of knowledge. But I will assume you know that already. You might have been lurking before registering. But to get the most useful information, people will need to know your set up, what strains are you working with, what kind of nutes are you using and what kind of environment such as soil or soilless. Also pics are very helpful as well....Here are some links that may help you on your green journey...


Mr Ganja

New Member


New Member
Welcome Ganja, I am new as well man, Queentoke and another member have been helping me out, I was just looking through to compare what other new growers had problems with and I saw your post, Maybe we can help each other out during our 1st crops,I have some pics of what I have, I posted it below to show you my 1st noob grow. I am scouring this site for info I'm like a sponge right now. I looked at other sites for info and help I had to wait days for others and I found 420 and they saved my plants(so far so good) with the info i gave em. Welcome man....

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