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God is not outside us but is us, the living and the dead, the never-lived and the never died. That we should learn it only now, is supreme reality, it was written a long time ago in the archives of universal mind, it is already done, there's no more to do. his is the knowledge that sees the golden eternity in all things, which is us, you, me, and which is no longer us, you, me. What name shall we give it which hath no name, the common eternal matter of the mind? If we were to call it essence, some might think it meant perfume, or gold, or honey. It is not even mind. It is not even discussable, groupable into words; it is not even endless, in fact it is not even mysterious or inscrutably inexplicable; it is what is; it is that. . . Jack Kerouac

very well put indeed!
LOL. . I hear ya TheLife. . . one of my favorite sayings tho. . It is what it is. . .

This was taken from a series I was reading from Kerouac when he started practicing buddhism, called The Scripture Of Golden Eternity. Their strange too, Like a bunch of little stances, that stand on their own, or can be read together. He even numbered them. I'm also a practicing buddhist, and not that I agree with him all the time but he has some interesting insights I think.

"If we were not all the golden eternity we wouldn't be here. Because we are here we can't help being pure. To tell man to be pure on account of the punishing angel that punishes the bad and the rewarding angel that rewards the good would be like telling water "be wet"- Never the less, all things depend on supreme reality, which is already established as the record of karma-earned fate." Jack Kerouac

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