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Something wrong with girls leaves


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Help anyone. First time growing, have no experience. Tried to search on web whats wrong but did not found anything. So if anyone could help me, I would be really happy. Thanks.



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David Bowman

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It looks to me like some nutrient solution or water dried on the leaves leaving small burn marks. You can either make sure the leaves are dry after feeding/watering or you can feed/water right before lights out.


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No nutrient solution yet. And Im watering right before or after sun goes down so it couldnt be burn marks. I think its manganese or phosphorus deficiency but not so sure. Also have another leave problem on other plants. Assuming its nitrogen deficiency but once again Im not sure. Like I said before, first time growing and Im going crazy, dont know what to do.

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It's P def or high PH lockout. Common in young seedlings.


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I would do as Lab suggested and add 2ml of cal/mag per 10 ml of purified water. If you are using tap water you need to find out if maybe you need to filter it. Fluoride is certainly not good for your babies......:circle-of-love:
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