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Sonic's Auto Xtreme LED Grow


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Hi Everyone , sorry again for the late update , 8 1/2 weeks
Well i think the girls are doing well , they are all drinking 2.5L a day , feed is now .
1.25ml/L G ,M ,B also 1ml/L Voodoo Juice, BigBud, Carboload, and 2ml/L Calmag.
All the girls got a defol this week , I removed a lot of fans , over 200 between them .
Faith has got no worse , she just looks a bit rusty under the lights , but not that bad when you get her out the tent , the lights seem to make it look more rusty or orange ish .
hope is a lovely looking plant , to me anyway , no signs of ill health .
Charity is mint , to say she is about a week behind she is looking great , dark leaves with no sign of nute burn yet she has always had the same as the other two .
Growth is not bad but i really hope they will start to put weight on

first Up is Faith


Hope .



And Charity , she is dark green .


And the family pic ,


Have a great night everyone .
and Be safe .


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Sonic iv never used grow micro and bloom so aint sure mate. I dont like the way it says to feed dont sound healthy to me;)But yea buds are stacking well on sonic xtreme. Feed is working well cnt complain mate;) ur buds will swell mate for sure so wouldnt worry about that;)


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Sonic as time goes u messing with autos ur instinct will get better and better;) to the point were u know exaclty what they want and when;) keep up the good work mate;)


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Here ya go sonic mate as requested.its wednesday here in uk another weeks growth of autoxtremes has passed first sonicxtreme 9 weeks old today.1 week left of feed then flush in perfect health been a joy to grow;)
and autoxtreme 8 weeks old today;)
and both of them.
. And family shota mate;)
Happy growing every1;):thumb:


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Great looking plants, your in home stretch now.



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Thanks alot miller mate.yea defo home dry big buds beautiful buds to come by the looks of it.xciting times;) smoking new weed. havnt tried xtreme yet.that will soon change lol;) id recomend these beans to any1 really give a strong haze smell true to her genetic;) and great to grow;)
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