Sonoma County Buds


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i had a good buddy from the 707 come stay a week and had a great friggin time! :allgood: its been a while since ive been back there and seen everybody so it was like a breath of fresh air for a week. it was also good to hang out with a fellow 215 patient again! seems like we are scarce up these ways so it was fun hearing what our local club had up right now

my buddy also brought me up a zip of some sonoma county purps to try out:

completely organic it is easily some of the most delectable and delicious dank i have had since living in san francisco. VERY fluffy bud covered in THC from head to toe! it has a very powerful flowery aroma that envelopes the entire room when i open the jar or pack a bowl. it tastes even better than it smells too, and the high is a very upbeat and comical high that makes you wanna get outdoors and hit up the town for tacos (haha and i dont mean none of that taco bell bs i mean you wanna find you some legit tacos!)



a blunt full of this stuff is almost overwhelming...but in such a pleasant way :allgood:

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Very Very nice looking purple bud


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Danm , Great looking buds , wish i had some of those buds right now cuz im dry


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Definatly some good looking buds man :allgood:


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Im going to school at Sonoma next year too.Definetely going to be fucking tight.

you going to school at sonoma state?? if so youll dig it! the surrounding area is where i grew up and is an awesome place to be... period :headbanger:

but if you mean sonoma as in the town it is a nice place too, smack dab in the middle of the wine country!


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Those buds are incredible.... Gotta love living in CA. We get alot of great strains where im at too. But I would LOVE to try some stuff like that,looks killer!
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