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Sooooo busy!


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omigosh im so busy
im doing circles getting dizzy.
got my new puppy,
hes so funny, a plain ol yuppie.
cleaning to keep him safe,
call him mine so hes not a waif.
busy with my mom she broke her hip,
shoveling the snow she took a trip,
still writing my book,
taking so long its gonna be mistook.
cuz its about the soldiers.
im drinking way too much foldgers.
no pot around,
no relaxing sound.
went to court for the kids,
but the judge forbids,
out bursts in the room, he would not let me speak,
he hollared at me, i felt like a geek.
but i had to let them know,
she was putting on a show.
i told them as much as i could, before he yelled at me!
but at least they now see.
listen or not, they heard,
her behavior is absurd!
court for pot has yet to come around,
ill let you know what iv found..
i met a guy, who takes the rest of my time.
sorry i have been gone, so im sending you some ryme!


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great poem! keep up the good fight, we're all behind you.
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