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Soundproofing and

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Hi all

Happy weed day

Just wondering if anyone has any advice on soundproofing for a small closet grow (200cm x 73.5cm x 53.5cm)?

After much research, the best method ive come across would be to line the closet with carpet underlay then mylar.

Does anyone have any experience of this method? Will it work?

Does anyone have any other methods that they have found to be successful?

Also, what size fan would I require to move the air in such a grow space?

What are the best fans for silent/stealth grows?


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let me put this into inches 78x29x21 does this look about right??

how many plants?what kind of light??do you need to worry about smell??

IF you choose to use carpet,make sure it is sealed,MITES love the carpet
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Not sure on the inches but i trust your calculation :)

Okay, i have 2 ghs slh in there, currently vegging under a cheap ebay 300w full spectrum led. Im getting a marsII 400w or 700w in flower spectrum for flowering, depending on advice.

Smell is not a problem, only the noise of the setup, as its in my bedroom and im a light sleeper.

Is carpet underlay a good option?

I hadnt considered the mites with the carpet so thanks for the heads up


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give it a couple of days running,you will get use to it

I can be found most days,taking a nap either in the flower room or the tents.

I cant really advise on the lights,Ive been a hps/mh guy since Benjamin Franklin time,I do have a znet9 led that i bought and lent out,the person who is using it is pretty happy,

can you post any pictures of the space???
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Hi sorry only just replied.

I'll firtstly paint the picture and hopefully get a pic up later.

The space that imusing is an old built in wardrobe thats n longer used. Its in my bedroom and its located at the head e d of my bed. I am fairly okay with the sound of the fans for now, but when i add a mars II and exhaust i think that may change; depending on how this grow turns out for me im also considering a dwc so that will add more noise.

Do you think some quality think carpet underlay stapled in then sealed with mylar and reflective tape would do the job?

The main reason im worried about noise is i dont want my gf to pull the plug due to something that i can fix.

Hope you can help.


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Get a new girlfriend,then it will be quiet.j/k man

I would have to see a picture,to see where you are going with this
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As you can see in the pictures the head frame of our bed basically touches the closet doors when shut so sound is going to be quite an issue
run it during the day, then lights off at night - that's how I run mine

at night I have only the USB fans running - one intake, one exhaust, and two circulatory - they can barely be heard, and certainly don't interfere with our sleep :Namaste:
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Do you think usb fans would be enough for this space? I did had a pc fan for circulation but dropped and broke it haha so need a new one or two.

I currently run it 18/6 with dark starting at 23:00 so not too bad. The only thing concerning me would be putting a dwc in there and the bubbling being loud. Ive not actually heard one running so not sure how loud they are. Suppose the sound of trickling water going to sleep would be quite nice.

Got alot of work to do :(


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the engineer has you solution

cycle the lights to be off when you are sleeping,18 hr day run 6am/12pm 12 hr run 6am-6pm just insure It is 100%dark

--that's a good looking plant


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look at the fat sassy leaves on that girl

no sweat on the lack of carpet,im interested in the plants,not the house lmao
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Haha fair point. Think im going to flip her in a week or two, got a younger slh in there with her that im going to flip at the same time, both from seed, so will be interesting to see how they differ


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First of all, what you are looking for is called an 'acoustic barrier', yes carpet underlay does do this, but remember that it is designed to be used with carpet to produce decent results, so unless you want carpet on the walls of the cupboard it won't be 100% effective, but it will work to some extent.

Essentially what you want to do is seal all the gaps in that cupboard to stop the sound, but therein lies a problem....no gaps means no extra air flow and that means your intake and extract need to be absolutely spot on, or you'll have issues with heat (yes even with the Mars IIs), and remember, the Mars is not a quiet unit by any stretch.

Most of the annoyance with sleeping comes from vibration rather than sound, and there are numerous ways to combat this in a setup, which i won't go into now.

DWC units aren't particularly loud if built properly, but you will need to invest in a good air pump. Tetratec make very good quiet pumps (they're never silent but these are as close as you can get). Put underlay under the res and you need not worry about vibrations. In terms of the dripping water, you can't really hear it if you build the unit properly.

If you're interested, take a look at my journal. I use the Mars IIs, carpet underlay as an acoustic barrier for the vibrations, and i have some DIY Oxy Dripper/DWC Hybrid units running in a tent. The DWC units are the quietest thing in there, i could literally sleep in the tent with all 5 running, water and air pumps all on full.

The main problem you're going to have is with the fans. The fans themselves don't actually make too much noise, but the air going through the ducting can. If you need to run ducting through the room this may become a problem.

The one thing i would add mate is that you seem to have a great looking plant there, and the LED unit you have seems to be doing the job. I wonder why you would bother doing any more in that space than you have already, given your limitations?

You know what they say, if it ain't broke....but that's just my 2 cents, good luck and let me know if you need any more info at all. :)
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Hi Doozy

Thanks for the detailed reply :).

If I were to line the doors with underlay do you think it would sufficiently reduce the fan and led noise?

What im also going to do is bracket my exhaust and intake fans with underlay to reduce the vibration, which i hadnt considered so thanks for that.

The reson im going to purchase a marsII is i wabt the highest possible yield for the space i have and i dont think the current led i have will give me that.

Your set-up is fantastic. You have exactly what i want (space permitting) so have subbed and will deffo be picking up pointers.

Which marsII do you have, are they in flower spectrum and how would you comment on their performance?




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Firstly yes it will help with the noise, but what you're doing is essentially insulating the cupboard so remember that will have an effect on the temperature also. As a general rule, if it works at keeping noise in, it also works at keeping heat in. If you're going to line the cupboard with anything you must keep a very close eye of the temps when you first put your plant back in there.

With regards to the Mars II, you've basically chosen the best budget LED on the market. It can and does perform as well as most LEDs costing much much more. Personally i went for the standard spectrum, and it's working fine so far. The majority of people you speak to do not think the flowering spectrum is worth the extra money, plus you can't use it for veg, so my advice would be to save a bit of cash and go for the standard spectrum. Remember though, i haven't flowered with mine yet so my advice really only goes as far as veg, although others have used the standard spectrum for flower with no problems at all.

Glad to have you aboard on my journal.

Cheers :)