Happy new year my cannabis loving and canna-curious friends! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season, and I can’t think of a better way to start the new year off than reviewing our next medical marijuana strain!

Today we will be talking about an amazing hybrid strain I purchased at Patriot Care in Boston, Ma. Sour Banana Sherbet is a cross between Sour Diesel and Banana Sherbet. According to Leafly.com, this is a very potent strain with THC levels measuring between 18% and 24%. This strain is reported to have relaxing, euphoric, happy, uplifting, and energetic effects. It is generally used to ease stress, depression, pain, insomnia, and lack of appetite. Reviews warn that this strain is not a great pick for a rookie patient, unless of course they want to sleep or just need something to help them calm down. Please keep in mind that some of the negatives regarding this strain are dry mouth, dry eyes, anxiety, slight paranoia, and potentially some dizziness.

Ok, onto our quick disclaimer, and off we go. I am about to review a medical marijuana strain. I am reporting my personal experience with this strain and comparing my experience to the reviews online. Please be advised that not everyone reacts the same to all strains. Your personal experience may be different than mine, and that’s okay. Just remember, regardless of if you are trying this strain, or any other product… go low and slow, and see how you feel as the effects kick in.

Let’s kick this First 90 Minutes review off right now. The time of this session is 3:10 pm. Opening up the container, a very sweet scent hits your nostrils, soon followed by hints of sour and diesel. The buds are pretty large, light, and fluffy. When I grind up this bud to roll into a joint, I found it ground up nice, and you easily could get a few joints off of some of these buds. Lighting up, and on first inhale I get a sweet flavor on the inhale, and a mildly sour flavor on the exhale. This strain is very smooth on inhale, and I can feel the effects starting to kick in after two hits.

First, I am feeling my body start to relax. The tension is releasing from my muscles, in a very slow, gentle wave. I am also feeling a slight cerebral buzz starting up, however the main effects I am feeling are body-related. Now we are at 3:30 pm. Ten mins after our medication session began. The cerebral effects are definitely increasing, but I still have a little clarity. My body, however, is currently wedged in the couch. I feel so relaxed, very care-free and happy.

Entering into the half hour mark, at 3:50 pm, my body is so relaxed that I feel like every ounce of tension has left my body. Currently, I am still stuck in the couch. My mind is drifting, and trying to focus on anything is difficult, but I feel so happy and relaxed that I don’t mind the heavy cerebral effects that accompany the awesome bodily effects. I am also noticing that my appetite has skyrocketed. This is definitely a strain you want to have your favorite snacks nearby, because a walk to the next room is going to feel like ten miles!

Rolling into the one hour mark at 4:20 pm, I can feel the cerebral buzz starting to decrease, but the body high is still very present. I definitely am experiencing dry eyes and dry mouth, so you may want to keep some water and Visine nearby in addition to your snacks. At this point, I just feel mellow, happy, and relaxed. Normally, we would jump ahead to the 90 minute mark, but at 4:40 pm I feel that the majority of the effects have worn off, leaving me with a functional and relaxed feeling. The type of feeling you get when you are relaxing on vacation and all your stress melts away.

Okay, so… final thoughts… First, I have to agree with Leafly.com, this is a very potent strain. However, I disagree with the reviews saying this is an energetic strain. This strain is one that I have used and have found effective for manic episodes. It seems to bring me down to a level where I can relax and level out. I have tried this strain in concentrate form, which is a lot stronger than medicating in flower form. Personally, I feel this is a strain that it is important to go very easy and slow with. If you are a rookie patient, try one hit instead of two. You can always have more if you need it. Rookies may also want to use this strain at a time where they are free to go to sleep. As an experienced patient I try to monitor my dosage because this strain can be a bit strong for me at times. I did enjoy this strain, and I would give it four stars. It definitely lives up to its reputation!


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