Sour Cream with a Side of Lowryder


Heeey everyone. Its LilJah. This is my second documented grow. First one was frickin Autos. Complete waste of my time. Hey...i got some serious kinks out the way.
Ok Facts.
Strain: Sour Cream Fem. (Dinafem i think)
Soil or Hydro: Soil. Fow Farms Ocean Forest (fxck Miracle Grow)
Light: T5 CFL setup. (ill update this)
Indoor or Outdoor: Indoor (tent)

Right now the Sour Cream is 14 days old and the ShortRyder is 17 days old. I plan on vegging the Sour Cream, which was recently named "Emma" for 2 months then switch to flowering. Anybody feel i should go longe or shorter please let me know. I want to harvest from it but I also want to expand my knowledge and try keeping it as a mother plant and get some clones off of her or something. Any help with that will be nice. I plan on using MG VEG nutes until flowering (friend had great results) then ill switch over to Fox Farms Big Bloom for flowering.:morenutes:
Sour Cream


With a little help from everyone maybe i can get this dinner plate cooked. HAHAHAAHAH
lata ppl.:thumb::yummy:


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Nice u started from seeds. I would veg for a month then flower...but i notice that longer veg make bigger plants..i get 8 clones monday veg them for 5 weeks then flower..ima take 2 clones from each....keep up the good work bro..


Im going to post new pics
The lowryder turned into a trifoliate. So her name is now "Dizzy"
You said one month of veg?
um you sure?


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it really doesnt matter how long you veg for, so long as you wait for the plant to pre-flower. once it pre-flowers then go ahead and flower it, but if you try to flower befor it pre-flowers you cause stress to the plant which slows it down (so it takes about the same amount of time to flower as it would if you waited for the pre-flowers). also light stress can cause a perfectly good female to turn into a hermie.
hope this helps, drew.


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No advise here, lol. I'm just dropping by to congratulate you on your last grow:welldone: and wish you good luck with your current one.


Thanks Oblivi. Hopefuly i get more options with this grow. Im about to post pics.
The Lowryder is a ruh'tard so i named her (hopefully) "Dizzy"
She's a trifol.
The Sour Cream is "Emerald" her name wrong last time. LOL
goin to take pics...


lol sorry all...i will update soon.....workin like a maniac


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Seen ur last grow. Just wanna see what u do with non autoflower plants now. U saidcyou arent completecnewb tho right? I am so im keeping up with as many grows ss i can. Peace. Ill be watchin


Hey everyone....
Sorry bout the is work...
Uh....the lowryder...named "Dizzy" very annoying. Its a retard. nuff said.
and its on day 32 and hasnt flowered yet.....

thats a top view...leaning very


if you can see it these are pics of the mutation.....theres a completely random extra branch..i forgot to get pics but some of the leaves on it are upside down. its so weird. LOL:yummy:

Heres my Sour Cream. Its 29 days old. Went through some Ph issues which i handled! :thumb::goodjob::slide:
Proud of myself cuz in my last grow i couldnt get the ph under control. LOL but that was Miracle Grow.

Shes a beauty. But uh...i need some it too late for any topping or anything like that? Day 29 . Also i was wondering whats the typical routine for a normal plant. I ran autos last time.I was going to give it two months of veg and then flower it. They both have been on 24/0 lighting and are doing just fine. Any recommendations or anything like that would be appreciated. I really want this to work out and i just managed to not let the Ph not completely destroy my baby this time....the end of my last grow got baaad. LOL out. Dont forget to leave any help you feel. Like i said. I planned on 2 months veg then flower. but ive been told a few different things...thanks all


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Wats up liljah i only veg for 4 to 5 week and my plants be lik 2 ft or more then i flower for 8 to 10 weeks that works for me everytime.i jus started a og kush and some arizona seeds i had from there .its too weeks now..4th week up too u man..the longer tha veg tha bigger tha plant gets


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Oh ya liljah u can top ur plant now if u wont or wait after the first week of flowering.aye and something i tryed man..people alway say dont take leaves off plants during flowering stage...but i tryed it 3 weeks in flowering ,,my white widow really started to bud up qik..maybe it jus worked for me but i was told this when i went to my uncle house and seen all 16 of hes og kush plant in the backyard..plants was 8 ft tall 8 ft wide fucking nice ladies man..and really good smoke i tryed it yesterday ....


Wats up liljah i only veg for 4 to 5 week and my plants be lik 2 ft or more then i flower for 8 to 10 weeks that works for me everytime.i jus started a og kush and some arizona seeds i had from there .its too weeks now..4th week up too u man..the longer tha veg tha bigger tha plant gets
hey whats your average yield from those plants.....because im thinking about flowering her soon...


almost 4 oz pre plant..4 week veg and 8 to 10 weeks flowering

and thats like a month veg....and 2 or about 2 and a half months flowering? thats goint to switch me babies over to 12/12 tonight when i get off of work...:goodluck:


sorry everyone. Ive been busy with work. Both of them are doing great! Im probably going to switch The Sour Scream into flowering very soon. Maybe give it until the end of this month. The lowryder gta major transplant n now its no longer leaning. If it doesnt autoflower soon im just going to flower it with the SC
Ill drop some pictures by later on. I have to go.
Thanks for your patience.


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hey lil jah, i stopped by ur last grow then i fell off the face of the earth for a lil while lol, i was out walking the dog earlier and a car passed me with the number plate ...L1L JAH.... i got thinkin that number plates familiar and i racked my brain thinkin and rememberd u from your last grow, im subscribed bruv, iv got a new grow starting too, got 20x big bang fem, 1x sour cream, 1x shark breath and 1x.... cant remember lol but there all germinating now, going 12/12 from seed wiv these girls, startin my journal in a week or so, goooood luck dude


lol thats weak dude. i feel off the face of the earth too....i got my sour cream into flowering but ive had mad isues. broke a few branches moving it and all. but shes fine.
at least 6 ft tall. lol
also my auto is doing great too...i ollinated with some stray male flowers i plucked from my Sour cream. (yea....crazy shit)
i got that under control now its just waiting around. LOL


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