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Sour Diesel, Mk Ultra, Orange Royale, Grandaddy Purple, Purple Kush


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"if there are any visible"

they get harder and harder to spot due to bud and resin is really starting to swallow them up! lol.
i found a couple pics you can see though.. when they are set.

have some selected for upcoming vacancies.

so far its been OG Kush, Skyberry and Royal Orange again since i never got my female yet grr had to throw them all out.

also germed this AK47 x G13HP =)

thats a lot of letters and stuff to say so been calling it "commando" around here. adventurous little guy/gal anyways..

scored a clone of Blackberry Kush. o.o

then there is a Euforia(skunk) seedling which i actually have some high hopes for :D
the final candidate i dont even want to talk about and jinx, since im hoping to get it tomorrow lol.


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Did you breed that AK47 x G13?


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nope not mine..
actually it is from a nice local medical grower i happened to meet at the weed club one day hehe. sounds like a good hybrid!:adore::adore:
little seeds, that sprouted out of the dirt super fast!


420 Plant of the Month: Third Place Winner
Yea its a nice combination, hope its a female wana see how the buds look Good Luck


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they coming along good so far i guess they just like making fat buds! =)

hopefully the nutes are helping too... that stuff is a little expensive id hate to think it wasnt lol. a pint of biocanna bioboost goes pretty quick for the price!

anyways heres the one i was getting today, an ultra-hottie!
Green Crack:headbang:

most the other pics seem backed up.. it should be moving along now though =)

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ok now i have these couple of problem plants... what makes these leaf edges kinda lift up like this? would very low humidty do it? thats about my biggest issue right now..



Thought you should know that you were right on spot the first time. That is a clear sign of low humidity issues. It can diminsh yeild up to 25 or so percent without you even noticing because the plant will still thrive. Its like inflation, the silent thief in the night.(I get the same problem certain times of the year)
Also, you might want to consider watering more often or set up a drip.
Your fan leaves are damn near sticking straight up.
Besides that. It looks good. Better than a most that I have seen in the forums.
Sorry to hear your whole grow is seedy but at the same time wow your gonna have a shitload of seed to grow. Next time, grow the male in a cardboard or wood box away from the flowering room.


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ahh good, thanks for the tip herbal!
figured that had to be it about it, some get it a lot worse than others.

i need desert strains here lol.. and keeping the cold air flowing really ruins my chance of gaining humidity!

maybe hydro would be my best fix better get one going to see..

LOL, i know.. they always come looking a little chewed up. been through a rough ordeal ill help her thru it:laugh2:

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Cool mist humidifier (Timered or env controller). I run a/c also. A 10,000 BTU. Hydro does help cause I use ebbs and feed three times a day for 30 minutes. You could easily set up a drip feed for what you are doing now


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i noooooez!!
try really hard to avoid them...
dont even have much room right now!!

but then they cheat and bring out Green Crack and Blackberry Kush! someones gonna have to tell me how its possible to actually pass that up heh
they had like 10 strains actually i never got around to looking at what the others were:laugh2:

well the rest of the pictures went thru.


i really like the green crack strain. its its origons are unclear and there are many stories to find.
one thing is for sure... i love the tangyness, density and potency.
and various crack growers are telling me 50-55 days woot.
set the crack in here during the day for some good light.. then CFL at night.

heres also the seeds.
have to take in HPS light or else the resin reflects the flash, and cant see much.. especially cant see seeds!

on the Sour Diesel and Purple Kush they are way harder to find...they not all huge and fat like on grand daddy lol.

center of this pic has one on the Diesel.. barely even splits the calyx.

same on this Purple Kush, although she has more seed than the diesel i think and very resinous!
i also noticed a bit of coloring on both the purples today.. well besides the yellowing, they now have a touch of purpling:headbang:

heres a few seed on this purple kush bud.. center of pic, one at top and 2 at bottom.

none of em can match GDP's momma power though... i found some yesterday with tiger stripes appearing yay


so theres an update.
ill do more at pre-harvest
(if possible)

things being how they are it appears a nice recess is in order for me.
definetly need some distance at least because stalker-stuff kinda freaks me out, waaaay to scary!

anyone with whom i had conversations with you know how to reach me if need to =)

i love ya peepoz!:peace::allgood:


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stalker stuff?


but anyway, that last picture looks like you have some amazingly healthy plants bro.

keep it up


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GDP is filling up nicely - day 26.

using water and nutes like mad.. and still yellowing ;/
its suppose to be done first anyways owell

has a lot of these seeds too, you can totally see them now. except in the pics its hard to see lol sorry.
heres one dead center

those buds are so beautiful and...white!!


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Absolutely delectable.


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read up man, he left.

after that post he just left the forums because he was talking to someone in a PM and the admins read it and told him he's not allowed to talk about other sites in a PM or something like that.
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