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Sour Diesel x OGGK - Single Clone - 250W G8LED Light - Happy Frog Soil

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Just under three weeks and BAM its huge! The plant is much bushier than I expected but I couldn't be more pleased with the progress.

I have been pretty bad about keeping the spreadsheet up to date but here are my new data points.

Hope all is well in your world.

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Oh its alive and kicking! Sorry for my delinquent journalism everyone :(
In more exciting news the plant is now in WEEK 4 of BLOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On 2/4/16 I swapped the 2gal container with a 5gal drum. The roots had far outgrown the smaller pot and I'm somewhat worried several days of growth were lost as a result. You can even see the plant's sadness in its droopy leaves.
That is actually caused by slight under watering from a bad caregiver.

This was the same day I swapped the lighting to 12/12.

Then on valentines day I recieved a fantastic gift from my wife :)

4 weeks later there has been an explosion of growth, with the plant over 2 feet tall, and a HUGE number of nodes developing all over the plant. The leaves have also become very frosted.
One thing the photos don't show very well is the density of the bush. The plant is pretty much solid leaf mass with almost no room free in the middle.

Um, are you sure that that "frosting" isn't powdery mildew? If it doesn't feel sticky and can be wiped off relatively easily then it isn't frosting from trichome development. Humidity should be between 30% and 50% during flowering.
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Me and my rose colored glasses :(

You are totally right, I have a powdery mildew problem on my hands, likely caused by a lack of proper ventilation. The only fan currently in use is a small computer fan that worked with a sprout but not this beast.

The humidity is 15-20% and temperature 62-68deg. These are the normal conditions in my basement and I don't have equipment designated to modifying these conditions (humidifier and heater). If either of these are exacerbating the problem please let me know.

My current plan to address this is:
1.) Slap myself for being an imbecile
2.) Buy 2 new larger fans to place in the box
3.) Spray the plant weekly with some mildew prevention solution (Possibly a fungicide or one of the homemade solutions found here Controlling or Eliminating Powdery Mildew - Growing A Greener World TV )

I would love any advice on how to handle this better. Being my first grow, I'm kinda shitting my pants over missing such an obvious problem with my baby.
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After crying for a few days I bought Organocide Plant Doctor and a new fan. I initially wiped the affected leaves with a damp paper towel and then sprayed the whole thing down with a diluted water solution. The plant is now a lot less visibly infected and still seems very healthy.

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Plant growth still going strong. There are signs of leaf stress that could be from the organocide or natural progression. Sadly the PM issue has not totally left. This grow location will likely be plagued with the issue and I will be moving my next batch somewhere else in the house.

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This will likely be the last week before harvest. PM concerns are pushing me to harvest early and salvage what I can before it becomes a wasted grow. The plant looks a little depressed due to under watering.

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Here are several more photos of close-up buds. These buds are suspected of housing enemies of the state and have fallen under intense scrutiny. To be clear, I think they have PM infestations but can't confirm until my jewelers loop arrives in the mail.

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Yes I did and forgot to upload the last section of the story by being continuously high since then :cheer:

First I bought a 40x jeweler loop for closer inspection.

With my untrained eye I diagnosed these buds with serious PM problems. It was clear to me that an "early" harvest was the best way to prevent further damage.

I harvested on 4/3/16, making the total plant cycle 15 weeks (from clone). I clipped all the branches off the plant and choose to give them a H2O2 rinse before hanging to dry. The rinse is supposed to eradicate all active spores without harming the plant.

Jorge Cervantes: Washing Away Powdery Mildew - YouTube.

Here is my harvest hanging (sorry for orientation)

Close-up bud after wash but before drying

After 2 days of hanging the stems were snapping so I trimmed and jarred the buds.

My curing process was a sealed jar with hydrometer, burping between 3 and .5 times a day, working towards 60% humidity. After about 2 weeks the smell had improved greatly, no signs of mold or mildew return, and it got me nice and high! :circle-of-love:

The trim was used to make a nice batch of weed butter as well :high-five:

While I am in very good health with a strong immune system, I have not experienced ANY negative side effects from the mildew problem (other than yield loss). There is a lot of worrisome info out there about the health risks of powdery mildew, but almost no actual medical advice. I will be smoking this weed exclusively until it is gone and will add more information to this thread if anything bad happens.

Hope all is well in your world.

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