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Sour Diesel


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Breeder : Reservoir Seeds
Flowering Time : 75 DAYS INDOORS
Environment : INDOOR/OUTDOOR
Seeds Per Pack : 10

This is the final step in bringing you the Perfect Representation of the World-famous Sour Diesel Clone, in seed form.

The Special Parents were chosen, and the seeds are finally done!

The Sour Diesel Project's taken close to three years of focus, and the results will do nothing short of astonish true cannabis conneseiurs, the world over.

The flowertime's approximately 75 days, indoors, and depending on geography, your outdoor Sour Diesel may take a bit longer to finish-or perhaps a be bit quicker, depending on how equatorial you are!

The yield of the original Sour Diesel Clone has been dramatically improved upon,and the from-seed vigor that the clone is lacking is downright explosive in these Sour Diesel seeds!

We reccommend serious odor control with all Sour Diesel genetics, including related hybrids, as the reek of these beauties is permeating, even brick walls are no match for her power!

The high is soaring, psychedelic, and at times, completely out-of-control.

This is The Original Sour Diesel, now available for anyone, not just a well-connected few, to grow....and it's My Pleasure bringing it to you, the Informed Grower.
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Sour Diesel is one of the strains I am currently working with. Indoors, running up to near 90*F with CO2, this seems to be one of my shorter flowering strains. It was ready far before the others strains. We are talking only about 60 days or so. As far as the smell, I agree with Stix. I use a charcoal "can filter" to scrub the air.
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