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Sour Diesels harvest ready?

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Re: sour diesels harvest ready?!

ok my the looks of my pics with the microscope you think i will have about 50% amber in two weeks by looking at my close up pics?thanks for your help.
Re: sour diesels harvest ready?!

Beauty... but I'm only seeing clear trichs. She has a couple weeks at least. My girls are going on to 9-12 weeks... they look finished based on pistils (still more new ones though too) but the trichs are mostly clear too. And that's at 61-70 days into flower(there is some dispute of actual start day so I gave a variance). Crazy as I thought I would they would be finished by now.
ya so my plant looks done by pistols but i still got a bit longer with the tricomes is what your saying?
That's exactly what I'm saying and trust me, we are near the same place. My girls look finished in many respect- almost all red hairs and leaves losing color but trichs are taking there time then.. out of no where my girls just exploded with more new pistils.. very odd but as trichs are the source of thc I say listen to your trichs. Make them happy and be patient. That's the challenge. Patience. I have wanted to chop down my trees for 2 weeks but I keep hesitating as my trichs aren't there-- yet.
And I'm glad I didn't harvest yet. I probably have 1-4 weeks left so a finish of 9-10 to 12-14 weeks. Crazy long for me but these are clones that have been stressed beyond belief so that fact they haven't hermied is a miracle in itself.
Now my last grow, which I was very satisfied with did seem lower in thc and suggests I didn't harvest at optimal time. The last batch gives a very energetic high... I'm looking for a little middle ground. Not to be locked into a couch but more than just feeling up. A little bit of both worlds.... all in the trichs- well mostly in them.

Give them time. You will know and when you think they are ready- sleep on it and look again before deciding. You rarely hear stories of harvesting too late- it's always too soon...

Good luck and keep us posted.
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thanks a lot for your imput this is my first grow. and ok i just started my flush yesterday so wel see if there ready to come down in two weeks from now. ya and that's the same high i want i want a little of both like you say a middle ground. so does that mean i want to harvest at 50% amber and 50% cloudy?
Well they get cloudy before amber so you want to see all cloudy first then they will turn to amber. It can be fast or take forever. Not sure how flushing will affect this but keep an eye. No rush though. If they are still working on milky, then there is time. I would say 30-60% amber trichs- the rest cloudy. But do some additional research and see what you might feel is best for you. Remember- it's your first grow- not last... next grow you will take everything you learned and muck it up again and again.
What I have found in my 3 going on 4 grows is that those that use the tried and true rules tend to have solid consistent grows. Now I have scrogged, mainline, fimmed and topped - these girls have been in dwc then in soil then in dwc then finally back in soil( not proud moments but unprepared for hydro at first, then unprepared for hydro when I was leaving town.). Now I have pumps and reservoirs and all that good stuff to make it easier for old guys like me to get my girls water.
My last for a while grow #4 has minor lst and topping/fimming and may scrog but thinking of just letting them go old school. Just nutes and nature. I want giant colas over several medium colas. I guess if my next grow was for column I would say otherwise, but it's just to finish what I have cloned then a break for a while.
I think 30-50% amber trichs is my goal. Seems enough to hit your head but still do what I need it to do for my gi.

Keep us posted!
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one of my plants seems like the sugar leafs are getting crispy and the die from the outside to the inside on the plant. the outside will. e brown and crisp and the closer u go in the greener it is. i'm on day 63 of flower. and the tricomes are mostly cloudy with very few amber. might be no amber at all atucally. what's going on with my plant help.
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i started flushing already. there at one week of flush right now maybe a little more. they shld have one more week of flick left. it said this plant is a 70 day flower. what does it mean for the leaves to be doing what there doing is it bad? shld i habevest now it seems to be killing the sugar leaves with all the thc on them.