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Sour Grape

Scott Wheelman

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Strain Name: Sour Grape

From: River Valley Collective

When: March 2011

Grade: A

Type: Hybrid

Price: $95/quarter oz

Looks: Dense green rounded buds with tints of purple throughout. Plenty of visible tichomes to the naked eye.

Smell: Fresh green grapes

Taste: Smooth and grape-fruity smoke with a slight citrus/sour after taste.

Buzz Type: Upbeat cerebral with some body stone

Buzz Length: 2 hours

Best Medicinal Use: Depression, creativity, and mild muscle tension relief

Overall: This is a cross between Sour Diesel and Grand Daddy Purple. The clear cerebral buzz of the Sour Diesel is evident; however it's the grape from the Grand Daddy Purple that dominates the smell and taste. A great energetic buzz when you need to get things done, as I was very focused and was able to complete complex tasks. The buzz also took care of mild muscle tension in my neck and shoulders, but I wouldn't call it a deep body stone. Also enjoyed being outside riding, hiking with my dogs, and taking pictures.









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:helpsmilie: I spend so much time reading your reviews half the time saying "OH MY GOD I HAVE SMOKED THIS TOO HOLY CARP AND MACKEREL THIS IS AWESOME" or "OMG I WANT TO SMOKE THIS WHY DOES MY GUY GET SO MUCH DIESEL UGH!"
As always, beautiful buds & pics!
Mine don't look that nice currently.
Reviews will go up tomorrow.
Thank you for responding quick to my questions by the way. :Namaste:


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Im Smoking on this type of bud right now..its some real good stuff..one of my new favs.
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