Sour Jack Fem

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I can't wait for the harvest pics and smoke report!
I almost got some of these seeds a cpl days ago but was worried it would be too much sativa and strech to 6+ i went classic indica PK. Have you had much Jack Herer? or sour i bet the flavor is going to be so unique, nice training (i know nothing about it but your looks successful!)

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I did grow some Jack Herer autos. Liked them too:high-five:

When I started this Sour Jack above, I thought it was Candy Cane auto and wasn't goin to do much besides some LST. When she hit the stretch she really grew and I had to bend her parallel to the ground to avoid hitting the light :11:

It was tough to start with what I thought was an auto and then have it turn out to be a photo plant AND a sativa to boot:laugh:
Nice! I just germinated my Sour Jack and your pictures and timing are great information. I have very limited grow area, so I'm thinking I'll try a SCROG. By any chance have you shared your grow log for this? I haven't grown anything since college and that was a while back. Any additional information would be greatly appreciated!


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Nice plant! Same exact thing happened to me, I ended up cutting them at 120 days of flowering.

My grow that was supposed to be auto candy cane went from mid October 2016 to mid May 2017..