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Sour Kosher or Sour Tangie?


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I want opinions and input on these two strains from DNA and Reserva Privada. I am going to grow one or the other on my next grow. And the bigger yielding bushier plant with better resin production is what i am looking for. I love both strains flavor and effect wise. Just figured i would see what people thought of the two strains and what they prefer and why. Thank you in advance! Cheers! :volcano-smiley: :thanks: :Namaste: :high-five:


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For me, it was which one do I try first... I went with Sour Kush but I havent popped them yet... have to finish growing out the Holy Grail first. Sour Tangie is on the wish list... probably this fall...

I heard the Sour Tangie can hermie pretty easy...


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Those breeders are both reliable and have good genetics. I'm growing Tangie now. It is bushing out nicely. So I would go with the Sour Tangie. Tons of Kush strains out there for good reason. They are potent and produce. Everyone does Kush another reason to got with the Sour Tangie.


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I'm running grizzly purple kush right now. I believe it has kosher in it. I'm not sure. I do know they are big strong as plants on day 25 from seed pop. I hope they are potent and produce !
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