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Sour Patch Kids - Soil - T5 - 400W HPS - 1st Post - 1st Grow - 1st Day


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I've recently moved to the legal grow state of Massachusetts, USA. Got some seeds from the 2017 Boston CannaCon, and grow supplies from a local supply store.
This is my first grow and I've read so much that I've lost all retention of any real knowledge on how to go about this...so I'm wingin' it!

My goals are to stop overanalyzing, try to just be patient, learn, and hopefully smoke my own grown weed (and eat? if i figure out/learn/can make edibles or whatever; i'd like to be able to use the entire plant one day if that's a thing) :love:

  • 4 seeds of Sour Patch Kids (out of 10 total).
    AllBud has this as being an Indica Dominant Hybrid - 60% Indica / 40% Sativa with a THC content of: 24% - 31%.
  • 3x3 Grow Tent Original >>AgroMax<<
  • 2 Foot Tek Light >>GrowBright<<
    two Compact T5 High Output (PLL-55W) GROW SPECTRUM Fluorescent Bulbs
    (for seed/vegetation)
  • 400 Watt HPS Bulb >>GrowBright<<
    HIGH OUTPUT Spectrally Enhanced LIGHT BULB 55,000 LUMENS
    (for flowering)
  • 4 inch high velocity fan >>GrowBright<<
  • CAN-lite 9000 Carbon Filter
  • Original coco fiber-based potting soil >>Roots Organics<<
  • Green lite soil >>Roots Organics<<
  • >>CYCO<< ProKit with Suga Rush (at supply shop from manufacturer for newbie start-up grows!)
  • Thermometer/Humidity sensor >>GrowBright<<
  • (1) 120v 24-hour mechanical timer
  • (2) Rope Ratchet Grow Light Hangers >>AgroMax<<
  • (1) Fan Speed Controller >>GrowBright<<
  • (1) 6 inch clip-on fan >>GrowBright<<
  • (4) 5.5 inch square plastic nursery pots >>Kord<<
  • (4) 1 gallon plastic pots
  • (4) Clear plastic vinyl saucers
4 seeds were placed directly in soil today. (!!!) Started to soak them in distilled water in a covered, clean shot glass...but then after adding the soil to the planter cups I decided to just go for it. Watered the soil with distilled before and after placing the seeds in.

T5s are ~ 5 inches away from soil. Mainly for warmth. Also just to see how the whole setup feels. It's been around 77 degrees F in there, ~ 60% humidity. May leave them on for a few weeks.

Added water to an old coffee can and stuck that near the pots in a quick half-assed attempt to keep moisture in.

Fan is sucking air out and into the carbon filter. Basically to try to keep air moving in the tent, and see how it runs/sounds/well we can not bump into it. Fan and filter are vented outside of the tent, after watching some of theGrowBoss' videos on ventilation. Good stuff; brought clarity on a lot of set up fundamentals.

Washed the tent floor, pots, and planters with soap and water right before setting up.

May try to ScROG. May just see what happens with good ol' soil and lights.
posting pics soonish.


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Sour Patch Kids - Soil -T5 - 400W HPS // 2nd Post - 5th Day

I've been trying to find my camera! Where is it?...!
This morning I unzipped the tent to see 2 adorably little sprouts have popped up!!! :woohoo:
After recently watching a documentary following show-chicken breeders ...i'm naming my babies "SPK-#". [SPK = sour patch kid] So, SPK-1 & -2 have sprouted, and hopefully SPK-3 & -4 will say hi soon.

Have been fiddling with the set up here and there.
1st night started with covering the pots with an aluminum foil lid...then ran back after realizing this was actually reflecting heat away from the f***in' seeds!...then i cut just enough foil to place a small circle on the dirt right over where the seeds were....then back to remove that dumbass idea - yeah, so my initial thought on all of this was 'keep the seeds dark but the environment warm'...then i would turn off the T5 lights...then turn them back on...then read some more cannabis literature and turn them on again...
...So, yeah...to sum up: I went back and forth with the notion of keeping them in the dark or not; but the soil provides the darkness, and once they do sprout they'll want light all the time anyway...so...in seed = lights on!
...all of this was during the course of the 1st evening of planting the seeds. by the end of the night i flustered, "i've shocked them for sure what the hell am i doing." to which my unperturbed hubby replied, "they're weeds. they'll be fine." (sound familiar, [post=3641346]UrbanAchiever[/post]?!! lol!

more web-logging!
  • have kept the T5 lights on 24/7.
  • made a cardboard cut out hole for the vent tube thingy to be a tad more secure...it had been hanging in a hole that was several inches larger than itself. hope this isn't a fire hazard ...
  • last night i turned off the high velocity fan for just like 2 hours, unzipped the tent entrance, and had the clip-on fan (suspended from the ceiling, upside down, from 2 unused straps...i wouldn't leave this on by itself if i weren't home). as the humidity and temp were a tad higher than i felt comfortable with, and thought that it wasn't really getting air circulation in there.
  • as for the velocity fan...i turn it off or up seemingly at random. i don't have a good seal in the tent and i'm doubting that i'm actually removing any meaningful amount of air..
  • we were finally able to obtain a little bit of pot (! for goodness sakes, geez!) and i blew smoke inside the tent last night ... that doesn't actually inspire them or anything...(?) but i can't help but think it was a fun coincidence that they were up by the next morn'!
  • min/max temp: 72F/81F
  • min/max humidity: 45%/68%.
  • been watering twice a day. ran out of distilled and so started using bottled spring water like 2 days ago. so if the dirt was crumbly dry on the top i'd add around the edges and maybe a little right over the seed, otherwise i'd just add a little around the edges as long as they weren't soaking wet. yesterday i realized i was just letting the water that would run out just stay in the collecting dish and that wasn't good...so i sopped up the most of it with paper towels. (at first my line of thinking was 'this will help keep things humid' and not 'this will create mold/root rot')
  • coming home, after showering, and popping into the tent for a few minutes of chit-chat with these dirt buckets have confirmed it - i can be one hell of a (happy) weirdo. glad my husband works evenings because talking like a brainless child is way more fun than it sounds. (he knows and can appreciate this side of me though lol)

i'm about to read up on what kind of 'nutes to start with and planing the next steps. Cyco's got a chart of their nutes and CannaCon had some freebie additives and chart timelines that i need to figure out if i can use. i'll post the plans/literature soonish.
aaaand i'll be going through everything i own again for that damn camera!

may ya'll keep up the happy and healthy grows, internet!
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lol nice, I read that seedlings respond well to a 16/8 hour cycle, and I wouldnt feed them nutrients for at least 2-3 weeks (again from what I read here in 420 forums). Once the seedlings are established a 18/6 hour light cycle is plenty. That said do whatever you think is best, the plants wouldnt be much different in the end.


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Sour Patch Kids - Soil - T5 - 400W HPS - 3rd Post - 1st Grow - Day 13

Found my camera!

Day 13 from seed in soil.
SPK 4 has decided she may well join in with her sisters...but still wears her seed-hat..

Without further delay, here's some progress/setup pics!
These were taken right after i sprayed them with distilled water...so those are water droplets and not disease/pests.

It's a unlikely event that SPK4 has made it this far...after a week of not sprouting i often dug into the soil to poke around, repositioning and stuff. Yes, i almost gave up just because i'm weary of pests...but wow!! So happy we didn't give up!

for laziness and consistancy i've kept the lights on 24/7 even though those with way more experience and know-how have advised otherwise. i'm stubborn or something. i don't know. why do i keep doing something just because i've a notion???

Misc log:
  • fan on = best thing ever.
    The plants like it; it keeps what may be bugs away; & helps temp and humidity. i leave it on when i'm home and turn if off if not.
  • think they like it when i spray their leaves?
    i'll spray just enough to get the top layer wet but don't soak the soil.
  • ...seems that under-watering is better than religiously watering twice a day.

i completely sat inside and just read for a few for the first time the other day. :36: the tent is so well lit, it's great for reading. reading outloud is one of my favorite things to do/skill to work on, and it was nice to do so around the lil weedies.

may try to get my hands on some neem oil, sticky tape, and/or companion planting of chives/garlic for some preventive pest control. but i'm so far in debt... kinda set on living as minimally as possible now that we've got our initial move and settling-in taken care of...for the most part.

he got some purple/black weed in! so i'm gonna go relax some more...browse some more woodworking projects and enjoy the rare "free time off."


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Re: Sour Patch Kids - Soil - T5 - 400W HPS - 3rd Post - 1st Grow - Day 13

also - i have no idea how to keep this grow journal in linear order.

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Hope all is well in your world.

How did this grow turn out?

We would love to be updated with some pictures and info.

How about posting a 420 Strain Review?

If you need any help with posting photos, please read our Photo Gallery Tutorial.

I am moving this to Abandoned Journals until we get updates.

Sending you lots of love and positive energy.

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