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South Africa: Applications To Grow Cannabis For Medicinal, Research Purposes Now Open

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The public can start submitting applications to grow cannabis for medicinal and research purposes.

The Medical Innovation Bill was discussed by MPs on Wednesday.

It proposes legalizing dagga for medicinal purposes.

The guidelines and regulations form part of the Medical Innovation Bill, which has not yet been passed.

MPs on Wednesday heard that the original bill, first introduced by the late Inkatha Freedom Party MP Mario Ambrosini as a private member's bill, is now superfluous.

Acting committee chair Fish Mahlalela says that this means there's been great progress in developing guidelines to meet the objectives of the revised bill, making it more water-tight.

Ambrosini, who had lung cancer, called for cannabis to become a legal pain-relief option for people with life-threatening illnesses.

Now with the MCC's framework being gazetted on Friday and being available to the public, people can apply for a license to grow their own cannabis for medicinal purposes.

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Full Article: Applications to grow cannabis for medicinal, research purposes now open
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