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South Africa, Opportunity & Threats: Where is this legislation process taking us and what can be done to maximize opportunity for all?

Carmen Ray

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It saddens me to see the direction that the legislative process regarding cannabis production and consumption is taking. The Government gave a 2 year deadline for putting regulations into place. They have just brought that forward by a year by introducing their October Plan. All concept material is supposed to be submitted by this coming October. I don't have the time to do the research and write a concept paper, and I don't know of any others who are, other than Fields Of Green For All, Department of Justice & Corrections, and, well no-one other than the medical industry (I can't find references). The Justice & Corrections White Paper was leaked earlier this year. I am finding it difficult to upload the document but I have it. It is very restrictive and if that is coupled with the Cannabis Club initiative, then as it turns out, it is not so simple to grow your own, gift to friends etc, as that would still be considered "dealing". Yes, the Department of Justice & Corrections still refer to trade in dagga as "dealing". Penalties for illegal use and distribution appear to be more stringent. Access to legal weed appears to diminish. If you are a member of the proposed Cannabis Clubs, you have to submit audited books, stock registers and membership details, including personal information, to the State for policing!!! How is that advantageous? Well anyway... I learnt long ago that farting against thunder was pretty pointless, so I guess all I am in a position to do now, is share received information and disseminate as broadly as possible, in advocacy for the plant and human rights and dignity. #freetheplanfreetheman Leaked Bill by Dept. Justice & Corrections (I hope that this link is legal in site policy and that it works)
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