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Spart's Auto Test Run With 300W Mixed CFL

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Ok as the title states this is going to be my first full run in the tent. I have flowered a plant in the tent but she ended up being a hermi. I think it was the stress from coming from outside to the inside along with me changing her lights on/off hours once.
On to the current set-up.

Pot will be a variety up sizes/shapes from 4l to 7l.
Substrate is a mix of biobizz all mix and light mix.
Nutes are the Biobizz Line (grow,bloom,fishmix,topmax,alg-a-mic,root juice)
Light will be a 300w Superplant mixed bulb (A few more lights might be added for side lights but not sure as of yet)
Strains will be
2 X 2 test lines from Philosophers, white yoda X Nothern lights(60days), and Haze X Lowryder 2 (70days)
1 X Sweet skunk auto Sweet seeds (7 1/2 weeks)
2 X West coast OG Fast buds (8-9 weeks)
and a Blackberry on the terrace (felt weird not having one) \m/ (*_*) \m/

All seeds went from the fridge directly to the wet paper towel have now popped with a 6/6 germination rate. Right now 3/5 in the tent are out and soaking in the light and 2 others are poking there heads up so probably tonight or tomorrow they'll be full up. Right now they have the light on 24/7 but thats pretty much for heating til they all pop. Temps are sitting at about 23* right now rh is 43%. Looks likes everything is good to grow for now but time will tell.:Namaste: and welcome to my grow.




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Glad to have you guys around.
I might be moving the west coast og from the back corner to outside as well depending on how well light coverage she actually ends up getting or I might be using her to test. I'm thinking I might get another one of these bulbs and bending these reflectors and try to get 2 of these bulbs in this tent :p
Also Welcome to forum Fringlose.


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we'll see what happens right now i'm leaving the light on 24/0 maybe for the first week or so. plus when lights are off it probably would be to cold for seedlings.


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The blackberry didn't make it. Not sure what happened. But no worries if I think the west cost og in the back corner is stretching to much she can go outside on the terrace during the day then in at night. But she would be no where near the tent. Finally NO PEST :wood:


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Doesn't look like I can do a photo update this week unless someone knows how to upload pics from a wii. I'll be adding soil to all pots but the Haze X Lowryder I think she's gonna have a lowryder phenotype and be a single big main cola. Other then normal first week stuff not much to report. 2ml/l rootjuice with super hot tap water i let sit out til back at room temp. Since I used a mix of light and all mix I probably won't have to feed til week 4. By then they should all need bloom nutes.


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Ok so time for a photo update first I have the pics of what I considered day one of each plant






Now there's pics of the plants 6 days after they are still doing great only getting tap water and 2ml/l root juice.






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Since the last pictures were take everything has really taken off. If anyone knows why leaves sometime "wave" like that I'm kinda curious.


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:welcome: man gonna be another update after my battery charges for the camera. There's a huge difference in structures of these plants due to the mixed spectrum of the cfl.


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Hi Spart!

Nice plants you have there! I've noticed as well that the leaves are a little stretched and wavy. Maybe the light is too far away and they are trying to reach out as much as they can. I see that you're using a 300W CFL. How far is it from the top of the ladies?


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The light is about 18cm from top of plants. The waviness I call "the auto wave" it happens on the first set of leaves nothing to be worried about. The stretchy og was a test to see if it would get enough light to grow. I'll update fully tomorrow.


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Update picture day for everyone was last night they are all looking nice no complaints at all. It still a learning curve for me. All plants are getting the same feed for now might have to up and lower doses as the plants mature and ripen.
*note to self fill pots a few cm more they don't need room to stretch like outside*

Okay so photos

Also was about to throw out the soil from the black berry and you would ever guess who was popping there head out

And lastly this is how I 'wired' up the front of my light to keep it straight.

Happy holidays to everyone and to all a good smoke :p
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