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Spart's - Series 2 400W Mars Hydro Mainline Journal

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Okay first to start with happy new year to everyone.
The fine people at Mars are having a great contest called the Mars Hydro Cup 3. Prize lists and contest rules can be found on there thread as well as on the official site. please contact me for details on the mars hydro product line or on the contest I am more than willing to help with anything I possibly can. So a quick summary on the plants so far then another post for the pictures I got a lot of them in the month of their lives.
So for those who were following along in the other journal know my basic plan on it all which is a mainline that has kinda turned flux type of thing. I dunno at this point in training I am pretty much making it up as I go.
I do have another auto in the tent for the time being but we won't be focusing on that since she should be out in a months time.
So Strains:

We got
1 x Northern Lights Apollo G-13
The NL Apollo G13 represents an non-standard strength, a real relaxing bazooka.
Awarded at the second place in the hydroponics category at the High Life 2008 and at the second place in Outdoor category at the High Life Festival. The NL x Apollo G13 has won the 3rd price in the hydroponics category at the Cannabis Champions Cup 2010. It’s the certificate of a psycho activity record in all circumstances, a special alliance of the legendary Northern Light yield and the power of the well-known Apollo G13.
The feminized plants born of these seeds are robust and don’t compromise between power, yield and quality. These three factors are near the top of what the genetic can do, offering a strong peppery experience, a spicy aroma with a hashy taste very concentrated that makes of this strain a very wanted variety in Dutch coffee shops.
A strain to test !
Type Feminized Seeds
Seeds bank Queen Seeds
THC 20.5
CBD 1.6
Effect Stoned, Relaxing
Taste Hashish, Woody, Spicy
Type of genetics indica - predominance
Production Very high production
Indoor production min /m² 500
Indoor production max /m² 650
Outdoor foot production min 550
Outdoor foot production max 1200
Outside harvest month September, October
Flowering Speed Average Flowering
Minimum flowering days 56
maximum flowering days 63
Outside Size Large Plant
Outdoor size min (cm) 200
Outdoor size max (cm) 300

1 x Jack Widow
This cannabis plant shows stability and robustness in all conditions for both starters and expert growers who want to benefit from the compact, generous and resistant yields.
This feminized genetics gives excellent results indoors as well as outdoors.
The Jack Widow has a sweet taste with citrus fruits aromas. Its narcotic high is at the service of a sweet and fruity smell.
Type Feminized Seeds
Seeds bank Queen Seeds
THC 21
CBD 1.08
Effect High
Taste Fruity, Citrus, Sweet
Type of genetics Sativa-predominance
Indoor production min /m² 450
Indoor production max /m² 600
Outdoor foot production min 500
Outdoor foot production max 1000
Outside harvest month September
Flowering Speed Fast Flowering
Minimum flowering days 53
maximum flowering days 60

Is it in Veg or Flower stage?
If in Veg... For how long?
About a month
Indoor or outdoor? indoor
Soil or Hydro?
If soil... what is in your mix?
BioBizz Light
If soil... What size pot?
They started out in 1L pots now we are in 11L
Size of light?
My light is a mars hydro series 2 400 (187w actual). With this light and me having 4 sqft I get about 47w/sqft

Is it air cooled? Fans
Temp of Room/cab?
16c coldest
26c hottest (I would like it a bit warmer but it is what it is)
RH of Room/cab?
PH of media or res?
Bio Bizz Light Mix, lightly fertilized, good for the young plants starts, and seeds grow.
Very good to regulate the plant nutrition.
Main ingredients:
-Peat moss
-Sphagnum peat
-EC: 1.2 mS/cm
-pH: 6.1 - 6.3
-RHP Stabilized
Any Pests ?
How often are you watering?
When dry
Type and strength of Nutrients are used?
I will be using both Bio Bizz's full line up of nutrients as always.
So a kinda photo story to start with to will get a story of the lives so far



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Tomorrow I will be selecting one branch off the first node on each branch to trim off. I want one bud site at each node just to try and see how the buds develop the end game is to veg til start/mid February.

For feedings they are getting
2ml/l Bio Grow
2ml/l Root Juice
2ml/l Bio Heaven
I find this a perfect amount for strength of nutrients for veg for now or for the long haul. They get water 500ml (2 cups) every 2-3 days when dry.
I'll be filling out more information on the process tomorrow so bare with me.


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So tomorrow is now today and yesterday doesn't matter so picture time. Also I would like to add a few pictures of the auto in there as well since it's literally got 3 or so weeks left and for a 3L pot I think she's really impressive. :)

Also a little history on the auto well she's been trucking along about a week before the rest. I was hoping for her to stay small but I must of done something right along the way that made her take up half the tent maybe it was the Aptus All-In-One Pellets or training. She hasn't had anything from Bio Bizz except additives/stimulates and a few ml/l of bloom here and there but she's looking really nice and I'm proud of her.

The Mainline Fems
Now normally in a main line I should have topped and left in 4 node and then let them grow and expand but since I have the auto in there I needed to slow down the growth till it was done. So I have been trimming off fan leafs as I go kinda semi fluxing/semi purposely stunting their growth which seems to be working.

Hope everyone's week is coming to a close nicely and remember to subscribe to this journal by dropping a comment and show some love by like any or all posts. Ever like is just a little more encouragement for me continuing journals in the future.:high-five:


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Subbed for shore... Nice! I agree with a lot of what you were saying about a fair contest. It is kind of a photo contest as well as a popularity contest . Get rid of the dry weight thing cuz that can hardly be judged fairly. Allow any mars light . Then have a runoff of top five and send these top five the lights they want promoted and have specific strains and veg times? and then offer additional lights etc as prizes for different categories . Not making up rules here just ideas LOL


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Cheers man glad to have ya along. Yeah there is a lot of thing they need to work on with the guidelines of the contest and the different categories. I'd like to see an actual grow tent category it's gonna be a a pretty big feet for me to beat anyone with say a 4x4 or even bigger. Say like a 2x2, 3x3, and 4x4 categories and hand out prizes accordingly. As for the lighting again someone with say a 4x4 could run a 1000w hps in there then swap it out for a pro320 or something for the photos and they wouldn't be able to tell the difference in plants lots of things like that are possible. They also need to change the wording of it all they are saying they are sponsoring the grow to be actually sponsoring the grow they would need to provide the lighting before hand. Sweet seeds has contests like these but hey actually sponsor the grow they give each contestant there choice of 9 seeds. We'll see how it all pans out.


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Set up very good bro

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Thanks man. :) Just got back from the store hand to buy a space heater it was really cold in there today got down to 8c lights out brrrrrrr. Now it's sitting at 18c lights out and we'll see later for lights on.

The little heater


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Hi Spart count me in! We got -15°C today. Cold here. The photos are like a feast for my eyes! :love: :Namaste:


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looking good.


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Thanks guys :)
Welcome B hows life been treating ya? :high-five:
Temps in there are sitting at 22c off and 26c on so got the temp issue sorted. The little space heater is working like a charm.
Hope everyone's well and your weekends are full of joy and smoke :Namaste:
Like always any questions let me know


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-15c f*ck that :19: another reason boy and girl move some where warm :) I'm so acustom to the temps here below 15c (not -15c just 15c) and my a$$ is hiding indoors :19:


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*Oki. Now I am subbed up for the right grow :)


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Thanks guys my plan is i think go for 4 tops a plant 15grams each bud site 60/plant 120 total. I always aim low that way not disapointed :19:
Hope everyones week is starting good my breakfast is mighty tasty :)
Sweet Purple from Paradise seeds is on the menu for this fine morning.
How bout you? Never fear of posting a pic on this thread. Who doesn't like pictures? :)


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Nope can't say I have. This sweet purple was done outdoors last year and has been cured since the start of oct. I just put another seed for germination its gonna be an outdoor window love.
1 x Dinafem ~ Blue Amnesia XXL
Not sure how big it'll get but we'll see. I'll put it in like a 6L pot and go from there maybe get the big ugly cfl out :)
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