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Speaker Stealth Grow - DIY

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Whatup there fellow green lovers, after a few fails on choosing the right space for me to grow, i have decided to come up with a plan of building my own speaker box, fully DIY, i got all my materials on standby to order, except my nutes, organic pro mix, ballast & mh light.

Im not planning on making this a very large message although i will be uploading my picture of a rough drawing that i did, im sure this would give a better impression of what im actually heading to.

I have a few concerns i would like to spread ,first of all the height and width of this box, i was planning 40" Height & 20 " squared, this is decently sized to make my scrog grow but i was thinking maybe it is a lil too big for a speaker? i will be using speaker grilles, although what would you guys say about this ?
When you look into the picture you will see that im using two 90 cfm 12cm fans to extract air out of a type of separated cabinet that im going to use glass to do, my reflector will be above the light & the light mounted to a fitting. Any1 used fan filters yet ? i have included it in the picture, i was planning on using this to block out any light coming in and out. My ballast however i am planning on fitting behind the hid lighting in a small box being vented out with a small 8 cm computer fan, if i see this is adding alot of heat i will probaly have to make another plan, How would my ventilation be overall though ?



Please Enlarge picture for better viewing.

Or are you maybe impatient? Did you bother to search the forum for answers to your questions before making this thread? You certainly aren't the first person on here to make a speaker grow. Also, calling people retarded is not only offensive, but also an ineffective way of getting people to answer your oh-so-unique questions. If I were a mod I would lock this thread.

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Yeah im very impatient due to the reason of posting 2 threads, sending messages on similar threads and absolutely no1 wants to give just a little feedback, i dislike people who just want to go cfl, cfl's are shit & yes other people agree that venting out a 250 watt in a space of mine is fine, I have looked around, i just get biased opinions from every1, just because a cfl works for them doesnt mean now i must chuck my hid & go buy those silly excuses for lights. My apologies for using fowl language but maybe you can understand my frustration.
I understand frustration can some times get the better of us, just gotta be careful not too offend anyone. Your HID could be fine, or it could not, it depends on a lot of factors, but if you have it already, try to make it work. Just be very careful and set up a good heat displacement system so it doesn't get too hot in your attic
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Thanx for understanding, once again my sincere apologies for what i said. Im planning to make this work, i have already constructed my box, its set all i have to do is cut circles into it for my airflow only then can i apply my speaker carpet, my speaker parts are coming on tuesday via post, Couchlock what do you think of those air filters ? do you think they would stop alot of airflow ? im also currently thinking of the best ways to vent out my HID, two 12cm 90cfm fans, or maybe ill come up with a better solution. My door as i showed in the picture is wrong though, ill upload some pics! ; )