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Special Thanks & Please Welcome ColoradoHigh To The 420 Staff!


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Please join us in welcoming ColoradoHigh to the Moderator Team! :cheer:

ColoradoHigh's spirit of volunteerism is inspiring and without the commitment of members like him, we would never be able to continue in our mission. He has been instrumental in assisting others with finding what they are seeking and playing peacemaker to our community. His Member of the Month victory in April 2014 was well deserved and we are looking forward to having his energy in the back with us.

We are truly grateful for your help in our mission to create Cannabis awareness to the world, so that we may end these laws and get all of our brothers and sisters out of jail. :thanks:

David Bowman

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Thank you everyone for the congratulations and warm welcomes! I'm excited to be joining such a committed and passionate group of people assisting the world in coming to a true knowledge and understanding of all things cannabis. I hope to be able to maintain the high integrity that 420 Magazine has consistently displayed throughout the entire time of my membership. Please bear with me over the next weeks and months as I start yet another journey with 420 Magazine. While I do anticipate a marked drop in my on-line participation, due to the massive amount of behind the scenes work that needs to be attended to, I still plan on continuing to regularly update my grow journals and attempting to keep up with my subscriptions, but no promises on that last part. ;) ;) Thanks again everyone!!

Cannabis 1

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Congrats CH. Nice Job!
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