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Special Thanks & Please Welcome Ron Strider, Our News Moderator


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Please join us in welcoming Ron Strider into his new News Moderator position! :cheer:

Being the first person in Nevada to receive his medical Cannabis card, Ron is a long term advocate for our mission and is excited to get involved in helping us make change. He now takes on a brand new role of educating our readers as head of our News Department, something he has taken great pride in and takes very seriously. His passion for cannabis shines very bright and we are looking forward to our future together, there couldn't be a better match.

We are truly grateful for your help in our mission to create Cannabis awareness to the world, so that we may end these laws and get all of our brothers and sisters out of jail. :thanks:



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Re: Special Thanks & Please Welcome Ron Strider, Our News Moderator!

Thanks for filling the spot! I love reading the news here, keep it flowing Ron.
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