+Speed Autoflower


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Hello guys bit late with starting but been abit busy.
I’ve gone with +speed again from sweetseeds I plan on sticking with this strain until I get it spot on.

My set up:
Seeds: sweet seeds +speed autoflower.
Grow space: 1m x 1m x 1.8 grow tent.
Light: 400w hps digital ballast
Air circulation: 4inch extractor and 12” fan.
Nutrients: plant magic oldtimer bloom and growers ark boost it..
Light cycle: 24/7
Pot size: 13ltr
Soil: Coco professional plus
Temps: 21c
Humidity: 50%

I’ve had some issues with nitrogen toxicity so I’ve just given them a flush with ph’ed water today.
Will update how that goes ASAP.

I’m about week 4 from seed now started flowering about a week ago.
It is a 7 week strain and I can confirm this.
This one won’t be within the 7 weeks but I have had others come down at 7 weeks..


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