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Speed up ripening?


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Hi I have a Blue Dynamite in flowering start of week 6, on 12/12. Due to a dry spell and being poor I might have to harvest early.

Looking for ways to ripen my buds faster. Right now she only has one or two red hairs, one or two more ambering, but definitely 99% white hairs. Lots of trichomes some clear some cloudy.

Is there any ways to speed up the process of the hairs changing, etc? So I don't have to go so long without lol.

Thanks in advance any help is much appreciated

Ps there's not many fan leaves left on her, had trouble early on, don't know if this will inhibit the red hairs? And if pics will help let me know and I'll take a few.


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That would just cut your level of photosynthesis. The only way I know to ripen faster is photoperiod. It cuts yield because you are growing a shorter time and less light per day. But if there was a way to cut time without cutting yield we would all be doing it.


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Crank up the Flux Capacitor on the DeLorean perhaps .. banana peels seem to work well!
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