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Spees with Cees part 2


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- Part 2: sowing-seed, clones and some vegetable chatting -
Cannabusiness keeps on growing, a good example is the upcoming French cannabis fair. But personally I think it’s getting a bit risky, because of the coming European laws. Luckily, my personal environment isn’t getting endangered, and that’s why I continue working with the innocent seeds and plants. The monthly slogan I’m making up right now, is don’t cut too much, just let it grow. This month we are going outside, into the garden. Are you joining me?

In the beginning of April, it’s getting warmer outside! Many bushes and trees are full of buds, spring is coming. Most species aren’t worried anymore about a few degrees of frost at night. It’s spring: time to prepare for the yearling outdoor plants.
For starters you make a plan, because you have to know exactly what you want to do. Too sow a garden full of weed and wait for the police to arrive, can’t be your intention. And of course it isn’t your goal to get the plants get stolen by local youth?!
You are save with four plants, this is ‘allowed’ in the Netherlands, provided that they don’t cause someone inconvenience and they grow in the cold soil without any help… How could they make this up?

Start female!
Our country has many stupid laws, but the following one is clever. It’s allowed to have four plants in the cold ground, in other words: once or twice in 20 years we have a warm late summer and because of that we have weed that really grows and flowers. But oh well, chuckle with me, because our shops work just fine with these laws. A growshop provides the stuff you need for those four plants, completely legally!
Okay… clones or seed? We have to decide about that first. Are you lazy, do you want to have some plants in your garden because you think they are beautiful and you consider yourself lucky to get some weed from it? Than don’t take the trouble and just buy some clones at the growshop. Or sow some female seeds (not feminized seed!) directly into the cold soil when the weather is fine. Wait until the end of april/june when the soil has warmed up, because as long as it is cold the plant won’t grow. Growers who want to start their plants growing inside, should wait a bit. I will talk about that later on, because that’s another story.

First, take a good look at your garden, to determine which is the sunniest spot. When you put the plant on a shadowy spot, the plant could get mouldy and plagued by budrot (!). Mildew is usually the first thing to show. As much sun and fresh air as possible is important. When you found a place, check if the soil is suitable for immediate planting or sowing. Don’t trust your soil blindly when you aim for maximum result. Digging a hole can give you a lot of convenience for years to come, isn’t too difficult to do, so come on, get that spade and wheelbarrow out and just do it. Dig a decent sized hole in case the soil is really bad, like too dry, too compact (not penetrable by water), too wet or too loamy.
The plant gets a good start when you dig the hole vertically, because even a small squall during a summer rain can blow your plant away. About 80 cm is deep enough. Make the hole just as wide. In Morocco and Nepal I several times dug out healthy plants to see how their roots grew. And I’m convinced that the plants’ roots have a tendency to rather grow broad than deep. In the old days Cannabis had a well deserved reputation as a windbreaker, but only if they were allowed to grow in the right soil. But oh well, the pictures below speak for themselves. So take that extra trouble, it is worth it.

Wilt disease
Mix 2 or 3 bags of Allmix with the soil when you think it’s worth the money. It’s pricy, but worth it. Besides, making your own brew for 4 plants isn’t worth your time. Come along, we are going to the shop, searching for clones or seed, but we can also get it delivered. Seed is legal, so almost every shop has it in stock, as opposed to clones. Try to find out if your shop gets fresh clones, because when the clone isn’t fresh it will be difficult to get this plant started. Look for fresh, green clones. It’s better to have a plump, fresh, green trunk than a fatter but woody trunk, because it’s more likely for a woody trunk to get wilt disease. Of course some shops are owned by people who have the right knowledge and you may rest assured that they have good clones. Rule 1 is: get your hands off that phone, go to the shop! But realize, clones are still illegal.
Treating your clones against spider mites and/or thrips isn’t necessary in your back garden. But be careful not to take clones which already have spider mites. In an outdoor situation nature will take care of the vermin with it’s natural enemies. But caterpillars are strange. It looks like they make a real mess of your plants, but they only eat the leaves and are gone when the beautiful buds start to appear. Take the caterpillars away, but it’s not necessary to go hunting.
You have to plant the clones as early as possible. Based on regular potting compost, you can give them some tepid tap water, because the pH value is mostly low in new soil, so that will compensate. The first few days are critical, so when it doesn’t rain you will have to help.

Hint: Remember that the pH value of your soil ALWAYS determines the pH level you are offering the plant!

When you use seed, watch out for birds! They love it, so my advice is to germinate the seeds inside. Plant one seed in a pot, 10 by 10 cm is good enough. Use a good seed and clones soil, this hardly costs extra and gives you a better result. Next you keep the sowed pots warm and moist until the seeds germinate.
You can find a detailed report about how to germinate your seed at our website No Mercy Supply.
At a comfortable temperature good seed germinates after 48 to 55 hours. 23 to 25° C is good. Put them outside at sunrise, because you get the best sunlight outside. It’s easier and often better to put them under a growbulb. Let them grow a bit to make them less vulnerable, before you plant them into the soil. But be sure you change the medium in time. The 10-10 pots are good for the first 15 days or so, after this period it’s necessary to put them in a bigger pot to prevent stagnated growth. It speaks for itself that you have an advantage using female seed, because almost every sowed pot will be bingo! Fine weather has the largest influence on growth and flowering. If the weather isn’t good; bye! Forget it! Our humid climate doesn’t work in this case, and the plants who do make it aren’t usually the best plants, with all due respect. Realize that there is a small chance of getting a good smokable harvest… but sometimes it does work and you’ll bring in fine from just a few plants!
A well germinated outside plant gives the best and tastiest results for your weed.
And oh yeah….. No Mercy Supply, P.O. Box 324, Dronten, the Netherlands. Don’t be shy and send us some stuff. lol:)

Source: No Mercy Seeds
Stay cool, high and take time to fly !
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Sure....hahahaha...I see that you don't know me ! ( guess you are young !)
To "wake you up"...it was me who did spread the Santa Maria's all over Holland...!
I will place a article about it right now !

Stay cool, high and take time to fly !
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