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Spherical Scrog?


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I am trying to get feed back on a setup that I am thinking of building. I am pretty handy and a full time engineer so I am pretty sure I can build a Spherical like SCROG.

I am thinking of running a 1000 watt cool tube vertically in an enclosed box that would be roughly 5 X 5. With a spherical shaped setup with the poultry wire which would essentially consist of two bowls put together on each side. This way I can separate the setup in two to pull it out of the box for trimming while leaving the light and ducting system undisturbed. I am thinking of having an NFT system with three levels of plants circling the sphere with piping to a reservoir housed beneath the sphere in another chamber below.

I need some guidance on a few things. How big should the sphere be? with consideration of how close can plants get to a 1000w cool tube and how many watts/ sqft, I'd like to keep it around 70. Taking for example a 50 inch diameter sphere would roughly be 50 sq ft of area. Do I need 50 plants? Do I need maybe multiple 1000 w lights? How close can the plants get to the cool tube with a 1000w? Should the sphere be more cylindrical or oblong with the height larger than the width? Does anyone have experience with this? Will heat buildup be a concern?

Thanks for any guidance
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