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Spider Mites! Best Solution


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This is my first grow so its a steep learning curve for me. I have a small CGE garden with a handful of Sour D plants in 1 gallon pots They all seem to be healthy and doing well but i should have recognized the occasional speckled leaves. A few leaves here or there would die on me but i assumed it was due to lack of light from the foliage above blocking the light. As soon as i noticed web like features forming on a few of the leaves I identified the problem as spider mites. As i am in my 5th week into a 10 week flowering cycle today i felt like i shouldn't spray the foliage so i am trying Ladybugs. I sprayed the foliage with water and released 1500 Ladybugs into the room to munch on the spider mites 2 days ago. I plan on releasing a second batch of 1500 today. I'm curious if anyone else has used them with success. I have a pretty substantial infestation. What other solutions has anyone else used with success?

I'm currently working on my first grow. Strain is Sour D, I'm just finishing Week 4 of 10 of flowering and have a decent amount of flowers (20-30 bud locations on each plant)
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Frikin frackin son of a dirty dog nasty cottonpickin SPIDER MITES...HATE EM...But they can be handled somewhat easily.. When i notice them (it's been awhile) I use Hot Shot no pest strips, My grow room is about 145 sq. feet and i use 2 of them when lights are off and all fans off.Takes about 3 to 4 days and they are gone. I then put my strips in zip lock bags and save them. I have never had a problem with tainted buds, I just hang them in the corners of my room and let them work, I do not hang them right over my plants. If i see a return i just rehang them for another day or 2, Remember to take them down when your lights and fans come on and rehang for your dark period. AND ALWAYS ventilate your room for 15 mins before entering...Hope that helps they sure work for me.


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I'm currently in a little battle with these fuckers right now in my cheese/delahaze grow.. I've tried habanero pepper spray, killing them with over 80% RH a couple other sprays, nothing worked so I got a No-Pest Strip. Tonight will be the second night I use it. I've already noticed they're almost all gone. I will continue spraying them just to be safe, but so far the No-Pest Strip seems to be working!
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