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Spider mites problem - Please advise


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I have this beautiful healthy plant with mature buds full of trichomes. Actually it is ready for harvest but I was waiting for more amber trichomes for the couch-lock effect.

Unfortunately, this morning when I was checking on the trichomes with a magnifier I saw those little monsters. I did some search and I am sure they are spider mites. It's not like there are hundreds of them but I saw 10-12 of them on and under the fan leaves and also on the sugar leaves. I grow in an open balcony so I think that's how I got them. Or it might be my dog carrying them from outside.

I do not want to use anything chemical on my plant as I will harvest in 1-2 weeks max.
I can try the natural ways as nicotine juice, neem oil, soap, herbs, etc. to fight them but still I am not sure if my end product will be ruined or not.

Actually I can forget about the couch-lock effect and harvest the plant tomorrow morning.
What if I harvest with the spider mites are still on the plant? Can I dry, cure and smoke it?

This is my first grow. I came so far so good and I don't want to lose my girl.

Please advice?

Thank you.


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Hey, I don't know if you harvested or solved your problem yet but I had spider mites on my males once before. What I used to get rid of them was mixed up a gallon of water with 20ml of neem oil and 2ml of cinnamon leaf oil, gave 3 treatments 3 days apart and it killed all of those suckered.

Now I haven't tried this on a full budding plant but you should check out a couple threads on here about bud washing. I can say from experience that it absolutely makes a difference whether or not you wash after the harvest.

Now I imagine that any residue that might be left on the buds after the treatments would be washed off with a bath at harvest.

Anyways, maybe think about this remedy for your next grow because it really did wonders to my plants.

Hope this helps,
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