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Spider mites special technique

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Hi guys i have 8 plants all of them infected with spider mites week 7 of flower, 3-4 colas out of 40 colas have some web at the top of the cola i think its late stage spider mites i would like too ask for opinions over this technique.I think i can take each of the plants outside take a long bag cover airsealed the each plant byitself when its dark period with lights out so the plant doesnt absorb c02 when i am gonna put the bag i will squeeze it the bag looses the air with oxygen and take the c02 tank and fill the airsealed bag with c02 with a little fan at the end of the plastic bag the c02 hose will be at the top of the bag.Is the practical and if not why not

My purpose is too suffocate the spidermites as my plants can stand longer without oxygen that the spider mites
If there is webbing it means they have colonizied and have most likely already spread. Spider mites are soft bodied insects that r actually very easy to kill. I think ur process is sound and will help those plants but if u have a couple more weeks to go, ie for sativa sand such, it may get worse. Many products can be used up until flush. There is a video on youtube under mite-e-wash or mighty-wash that is safe for late flower. There is also a recipe in my journal in page 2 or 3 that I used. After four days of application they were gone! And r still gone. Be warned that the recipe in my journal should be amended with a washing of straight water in between each treatment as oil residue acts like a tanning lotion for someone in the sun. I didn't wash it off well enough on all the leaves and left speckles here and there but didn't kill any leaves. This has happened to friends of mine and they kept spreading even during cure. It really sucks to come back to a finished product with webbing on it. Best of luck bud
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i done it all spider mites dead gonna do it again in 4 and a half days to kill the collapse eggs and done

easyest way ever in 1 hour i killed them all with work 5 minutes