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Spider mites Sulphur burner


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Sup all

Quick run down need advice not now. "Right Now"

Mites out of control injected predator mites 4 weeks ago. (2000)

No scope, spreading, got sulfur burner.


1.) How far above the plants should the burner be min/max?!

2.) How much to use on 4x4 area. Tsp (roughly)

3.) 4 wks. in flower.(Recommendations!!!)

Read 1hr is the rough middle of the board 3 days rest to prevent

sulfur pile up. Pleae get in and correct/educate me.

Yeah Help!!!



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things i have heard can help in an emergency.

Give the plant a cold shower in the bath tub (they hate the cold and many adults and eggs can be removed this way)

capture some ladybirds and hold them prisoner in your grow room

put the plant in the freezer for a while. (this can kill the plant if left in for even slightly too long.

i cannot vouch for any of these methods, but you said fast help.


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Could you narrow it down a bit a more direct link?


Thanks brother.
She's getting a Cold shower today!!!

Again :thanks:


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look under pest control,,, there are several threads on them in that link i posted..


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For the help and laughs. Plus all just passing thru.

Here's the end result.

After many hrs.:nomo: asking grow shop guys. I found what works for me!

Was too scared to light up the sulphur burner.

First lost the fight with SSH. To all newbies like myself here is the only solution

I find keeps them at bay and under control. Bit of a pain but no guessing :cheer:

In my need to destroy/decimate all settlements, colonies, outposts,villages,cities of spider mites. :laugh:

:30: :50: :idea:It came to me I had a pump sprayer and recently learned

SM-90 is great for fighting mites.

So here it is mix your SM-90 as directed. I like to add 1 part more water than

they recommend.

From bottom up spray EACH LEAF making sure your sprayer pressure is nice

and HIGH. Essentially BLASTING them off the leaves, leaving poison behind for

eggs and possible survivors.:rip::rip::rip::rip::rip::rip::rip::rip::rip::woohoo:

Give it a try sure to knock out even full on infestation!!!:thumb:
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