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Spidermites and harvesting


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Hello, I've been reading a lot on this site and i want to say thanks for all the helpful advice. I just need some opinions from you all.
I have an Ak 47 a grunk and a Dp Blueberry all at day 55 in flower. I've been battling spidermites for almost a month now. I've been removing leaves that i see are 40% or more infested I sprayed them a couple weeks ago with a tsp of doctor bonners pepperment per quart of warm water, 3 days later i sprayed them with water. It seemed to knock them out for a little bit, when i started seeing them again i sprayed them with 1&1/2tsp einstein oil and 1 tsp dr bonners for a spreader sticker 8 days ago. It seemed to work pretty good, but now i'm seeing them again on the AK and the Grunk. I've been lookin at the trichomes through 60-100x scope. Blueberry is showing mostly milky white with a little of amber coming through but some clearer ones too.
Ak 47 and Grunk are probably 70%milky white 30% clear.
Should I spray them again with the neem or should i just harverst early?
also will the spider mites continue to spread and eat my buds after i harvest?
I've read tanglefoot is good to apply to drying lines
Any comments will be greatly appreciated


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So close to harvest, I would harvest early rather than spraying again, if you spray you may end up screwing up your quality at this point.

When you harvest just hang the buds upside down, like you more than likely were going to do. The mites will crawl toward the top, so toward the lower part of the plant. Leave yourself about 3-4 inches of space that the mites can crawl up to, they will make their way to the top everyday, then use a torch or a lighter and burn them suckers! Everyday more will appear and spin their webs, just keep burning them until they are all gone, they should ALL climb to the top within a few days and then you wont have any crackly spider mites in your buds when you smoke it.\

I hope this makes sense, I dont make sense lots of times....lol. Just pm me I've confused you.
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