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Spiffziggy's Third Grow, Modified Mainlining G13 Haze 600W HPS Grow Journal, 2017


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Hi everyone! Very new here, been lurking for months but thought I would pop out and finally properly say hello!
This is my first ever grow journal, very happy for your input. I usually see imperial units but I work in metric so I've done my best to indicate both.

My first grow was a single cola autoflower Blue Dream I just threw in soil and didn't do much with. Just learnt a ton :)

My second grow is currently in late flower (happy to share pics if interested, they're currently in Week 7-8 flowering). Now in hindsight I wish I'd started a journal earlier so learning from that mistake too and starting with this one! So without further ado...

Strain: G13 Haze
Type: This is a G13 Indica crossed with a Haze to give it a more uplifting feel. Unsure about percentages.
Stage: Plant 1 (Rocinante) is entering Week 3 veg. Plant 2 (Ava) is entering Week 2 veg.
Indoor in 1m x 1m x 2m (3'x3'x6.6") tent in Biobizz Light Mix with a 3cm base of hydroton pebbles in 12 liter air pots.
Lights: 600W HPS with 380cm3 outtake fan pulling through a carbon filter. 250cm3 input fan and two clip on fans at base of pots and top of canopy. Light is 70cm from canopy and timer is on 20/4 schedule. (I'm currently flowering 4 autoflowers and vegging two photoperiod plants in the same space - not ideal and this is going to cause me problems soon.)
Temp: Temp moves between 18.8C (65.8F) and 27.1C (80.8F).
RH is 27-38% (Temp and RH are monitored at canopy level with remote probe).
PH: Anything input is at 6.3, runoff 6.5.
No pests.
Watering when area 2cm from stem is dry to first index knuckle
Nutes: Started with Roots Excelurator (heard great things, first time using, will report on experience) for first 2 weeks at 0.3ml/L.

Current regimen is for week 3 slowly watered today, only took half liter (≈ 0.5 quart) before running out the bottom.

1) 0.3ml/liter (1.1ml/gallon) Roots Excelurator
2) <1m/liter (3.5ml/gallon) Biobizz Grow
2) 3ml/liter (3/4 tbsp/gallon) molasses

I'm really paranoid about getting oxygen into the pot as my first two grows were both severely plagued by insufficient oxygen in the medium. These airpots are proving pretty awesome so far.


Mainline for 4 colas using Nugbucket's technique but only going for 4 colas because I need to harvest by early July...

Today I snipped Rocinante above the 3rd cola, and cleaned all but two sets of fan leaves. I haven't seen this done elsewhere but figured the extra fan leaves would power the relatively young growth tips. I'm aware I've cut a bit on the early side but I really didn't want to waste time with a top I won't use and since I'm only aiming for four colas I figured I could expedite. We'll see if this proves fatal!:14:

Peeking in: Rocinante is in the front left, Ava rear left. The others are from my second grow, now in late (week 8/9) flower. This journal isn't about them, but just to give you a sense of the space.

This is Ava, she's just finished her second week of veg.

This is Rocinante, just before snipping her for my first attempt at mainlining.

Rocinante after the snip. I snipped above the third node but left the fan leaves from the second and third node attached and removed everything else.

Rocinante from another angle.

Happy for any followers!


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Re: Spiffziggy's Third Grow - Modified Mainlining G13 Haze 600W HPS Grow Journal - 20

Quick update as I didn't do anything with the girls today.

One question: I notice that over time the medium in my pots settles after a few waterings. You'll see this considerably in the airpots. What do you do? Do you top it off with fresh medium? I'm thinking of letting the current top layer of hydrotons stay and topping off with more Light Mix + hydrotons to the ridge. Thoughts?

First, full tent view:

Zooming in to the left...

Close up of Rocinante, one day after topping to main-line

Slightly different angle. Any suggestions for whether to top off the soil would be appreciated!


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Re: Spiffziggy's Third Grow - Modified Mainlining G13 Haze 600W HPS Grow Journal - 20

So! Ran into some problems today!

As I mentioned above I'm a bit paranoid about getting air into my medium. In my last two grows I had some shitty standard vegetable pots with small holes in the bottom and I think a lack of proper drainage has been keeping my plants crazy small (less than 3 ft/1m). Anyway so I decided to try airpots, and for this grow I also started using Roots Excelurator after reading positive reviews.

Since sprouting, I've been spraying a mix of 0.3ml/L of Roots and pH 6.3 water on both plants, upping the amount as they grew to make sure the soil around the base was always saturated. But I never really poured a whole shit ton of water into the pot and let it drain. Would usually stop when a bit of water started to sprinkle out the side holes of the airpot.

For a couple days I've been thinking they're dry or just about dry, and prepared today's watering mix. pH 6.3 water with 0.3ml/L of Roots XL. Measured the runoff for both Rocinante and Ava. 7.5!! :bravo:

Bloody fuck what's happening, I thought. So I go nuts and prepare 6 liters (1.5 gl) of pH 6.2 water, and start flushing flushing flushing both girls, measuring runoff regularly. After going through all the water I was only able to get them down to 7.11 :(

My current thinking (input appreciated) is this:

1) The roots xl worked, roots are stronger than last grows, therefore taking up more nutrients in soil.
2) (Acidic) nutrient uptake pushes soil toward basic.
3) By underwatering I let the soil get too too basic as my over enthusiastic roots sucked every nutrient dry, sending the pH soaring.
4) I think my best bet is to wait a bit right now. The plants aren't showing too many signs of stress (droopy and a bit dark is all) but I think this problem is going to rear its head in the coming days. I suppose glad I caught it now. In any case since the RH is quite low in the tent (≈ 30-40%) and the airpots are designed to dry quickly I should be ready for another good watering in a couple days. I'll again give up to 6 liters of pH 6.2 water per plant in an effort to gradually bring the pH down...

This is my reasoning and plan of action but if others suggest otherwise would really really appreciate your thoughts.

Rocinante just before lights on. Main-lined her about 3 days ago and I've been thinking the slowed growth was just shock. Now thinking could be soil pH.

Ava from today before watering. Noticed some very slight deformation of the first set of real leaves, as well as the new growth being a little too light. Also assuming it is from the pH problems for now.
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Re: Spiffziggy's Third Grow - Modified Mainlining G13 Haze 600W HPS Grow Journal - 20

Just re-reading up, I do think the high pH is contributing to the initial lightening of Ava's leaves. If pH really is above 7 Iron is probably not getting absorbed. I hope these airpots live up to their name and help her dry out super fast so I can water with 6.0 again.

Also realizing that yes, 6L won't be enough. These are 12 L pots so I need to prepare 24 L of pHed water to get that number down I think...right? Or would that overpower her??


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Re: Spiffziggy's Third Grow - Modified Mainlining G13 Haze 600W HPS Grow Journal - 20

Thanks! Here's a few updates since last Saturday.

I haven't fed them anything since having the pH problems above. They sort of seem healthy but I am seeing some early discoloring in the fan leaves and new growth. Veins stay normal while inside pales. I'll need to read up before trying to diagnose but since I'm already on the watch for pH issues I'll stay focused on that.

Again starting with a full view of the tent - including my lovely autos near harvest! But maybe pics from them some other time.

Going into the left, Rocinante looks ready to start training as I don't want the leaves to shade one another out

Started gently training Rocinante. I'm using some awesome extremely malleable but sturdy aluminum coil I picked up at a stationary/arts and crafts store. Bought 5m of the stuff and it can be easily cut to your desired length with standard wire cutters. I just loop one end through the airport's hole and bring the other tip round the curve. With a slight finger bend the wire stays exactly they way you want.

Close-up. That yellow smudge in the corner is the glare from the glasses I'm holding in front of the lens. True lighting is HPS but with the glasses the colors are easier to discern

Day after training, tips looking back up

Ava as of today

They will probably be ready for another watering in 12-36 hours (so glad these airpots are doing their job and helping that soil dry quickly). I'll give some more pH 6.2 water with a light round of W3 veg nutes.


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Re: Spiffziggy's Third Grow - Modified Mainlining G13 Haze 600W HPS Grow Journal - 20

My girls felt dry and light today so I watered them again with pH 6.2 water with 1ml/L of Biobizz Grow.

Runoff pH was 7.2 after almost 4 liters (1 gl) of water ran freely through them. :( :(

But they're not showing any signs of nutrient deficiency or other pH related problems (yet?). What gives? This is my first time growing a photoperiod plant--is it normal for the pH to push up so much in their vegetative state? The tap water I use is 7.5 but like I said I always add nutes, measure, then pH down to 6.2. Even while watering I'll sometimes stop and remeasure the water I'm putting in just to make sure the pH meter isn't messing with me. I'm telling you, I put in 6.2 and out comes 7.2 liter after liter...

I also snipped Rocinante for the second time. We now have four main heads. Ava will probably be topped on Saturday. Pics together then.


Before and after:
Rocinante before clean

Rocinante after her former second node leaves were pinched off.

Surprise bonus pic! My White LSD autoflower very close to harvest. :slide:


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Re: Spiffziggy's Third Grow - Modified Mainlining G13 Haze 600W HPS Grow Journal - 20

Hey everyone! It's been awhile since updating but that doesn't mean I haven't been working on the girls...

Rocinante Day 25. I'm seeing some very slight clawing so I eased off the N. I'd only given her 50% but just goes to show you...Last pH was 7.24 so I went easy and just gave her 8L 6.0pH water with 2mL/liter molasses.

Side view of Rocinante Day 25. Can see the mainline split is a bit narrow. Need to widen her up a bit.

Top view of Rocinante Day 25
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Re: Spiffziggy's Third Grow - Modified Mainlining G13 Haze 600W HPS Grow Journal - 20

Full tent Day 30 Rocinante. Can see my other autoflowers finishing up their flowering. Some are partially harvested.

Ava Day 23. Gave her a snip and cleaned off fan leaves below the third node. I'm going to now grow out these tips for five/six nodes then cut 2&4.

You might recall both were having pH problems, constantly staying above 7.2. So I gave her 8L of pH 6.11 water with 2mL/liter of molasses. Only managed to get her final pH down to 7.01.



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Re: Spiffziggy's Third Grow - Modified Mainlining G13 Haze 600W HPS Grow Journal - 20

Here we are up to yesterday!

Watered both Ava and Rocinante with 8L each of 0.5mL Biobizz Grow/liter and 2mL/liter molasses with pH of 6.13. Runoff for Rocinante was 7.03, for Ava 6.94 (first time below 7 ffs...).

Day 36 Rocinante. Check out that sweet main stem split...kidding of course. It sucks ass. Keeping everything clean so it won't get infected.

I am going easy on the other growth tip (top left) that cracked when I was tying them down, but the other three held through and are slowly turning back up.

And here is Ava, going strong. I'm letting her two heads go to 5 or 6 nodes then will get rid of everything except 1 & 3.

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