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Spitzer Says Marijuana Opposition Has 'Evolved'


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Governor Spitzer said yesterday that his opposition to legalizing medical marijuana has "evolved" and that he would consider supporting legislation allowing sick people to use the drug to alleviate their suffering.

During a debate last year with his Democratic primary opponent, Nassau County Executive Thomas Suozzi, Mr. Spitzer, then the state attorney general, said he was opposed to medical marijuana.

Yesterday, when asked about his position on the issue, Mr. Spitzer said, "We've taken a hard look at it over the past number of months, and I'm open to signing a bill that is properly structured for appropriate use based upon the evidence that has been presented to me."

Lawmakers say a medical marijuana bill allowing sick people, with permission from their doctor, to possess up to 12 plants and 2.5 ounces of the drug is likely to pass the Legislature before the end of session on June 12.

New York would be the 13th state to have a medical marijuana program.

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