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There was once rolled a spliff
that was rolled fat and long
and he thought he was better
than any blunt or bong
he was SLIFFY the Spliff
he had a pal Jibber The Jay
'ole Spliffy went to sleep
and they puffed Jibber away
an while Spliffy was out
and Jibber was a runt
Then in walked who?
But Blunty The Blunt
an Blunty was steamin'
on Fat Sackey The Sack
clouds puffin' out his head
like a smokey smoke stack
then awoke Spliffy the spliff
all rolled up so right
he saw Blunty the blunt
and was ready to fight
and Spliffy said to Blunty
now Blunty begone
and then with a rumble
entered Bongy The Bong
Bongy was BIG
and he had a double chamber
and showing off his might
he bubbled in anger
Poor Spliffy was outmatched
and cornered and old
and then is when it happened
as the story is told
when Blunty and Bongy
and Spliffy The spliff
all stopped their fighting
and wondered what if...
they could bring Joy To The World
if they become pals
and together they put smiles
on all the boys and gals
and now if you look hard enough
then soon you will see
that the Spliffs and Blunts and Bongs
are here to serve you and me

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