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Toking with my roomates and the chef came up with this.. just wanted to share :)

make pot butter
get a joint paper
roll a cigarette

spliff. :) enjoy.

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Using pot butter to soak your joint papers is dangerous to your health. When the butter burns, the fat in the butter burns, and gives off nasty fumes.


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Do they even make Marinol anymore?I go through WebMD allot to see if there is anything new with chronic pain and never hear about that anymore.I'm not trying to uplift pharmas over cannabis,but its still on the subject.
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i think in the US they are looking at making a blended cannibinoid pill with a multitude of canibinoids to work better then marinol. I think they should just give up on the pill and just go with what nature made. Or what that one company in england is doing, is that the sativex, where its a pot inhaler type thing.


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I think they started out (the Canadian company) by smashing up the whole plant into a watery paste like stuff that came in a bottlewith a dropper. I think it was a regulatory issue, because they had to stop making it and then they came up with the inhaler type thing. Marinol has been notorious for being ineffective compared to smoking the plant, and that's where sativex comes in. However I am not sure Sativex will test as effective as the real deal either, but who knows :) The whole pharmacy label thing is scary.
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