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Sponsored Grow: Giixer 1000w LED


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Myself and 4 others were selected by @Giixer to test there new LED.

This first post will be an introduction/ review on the light itself!

My first impression upon on unboxing I was pretty impress with the stealthiness of the packaging and free hydrometer!
Once I got it plugged up and turned on I was impressed with how bright and quiet it is. really gives off no heat at all or very little! One thing I don't like is the fact that there is different wattage listen on the box, label, and fixture ranginging from 100w-115w.

Do I think it will compare to a 1000w hps as they claim ? No.

Do I think it's a good light for the price and pulling only 100w? Absolutely! I would of given it a try sponsored or not!

Lastly I can't find the bloom switch as the manual says so maybe the can shine some light on that!



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Now that we got that behind us let's start!

Lighting: 24/0 for the first week then 18/6 until I feel
they are ready for the flip under a @Giixer 1000w LED
Strains: Zookies x Glue clones I had on hand. Runtz seed I found in some good herb!
Medium: 100% Coco Coir
Nutrients: General Hydroponic Flora Series
Space: 3x3 Closet

Im looking forward to running a LED, I've been wanting to run some for a while and this will give me a baseline on which I like more since I'll be doing a 150w HPS Grow on the other 3x3 side of the closet!

I'll be juggling 3 Grow spaces so forgive me if my update come a day late but they will not be later than two days !

See Ya Next Week!



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For a first time starter grow I’m not complaining let’s see how it does hoping for killer results thanks again @Giixer for the opportunity


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Update Time/ Reset Mode

My lack of care in no way reflects this light and come Monday everything will be properly setup! I was unprepared to say the least!

A little late because I forgot to precharge my coco with CalMag when I noticed I also found out I was out of CalMag completely and these ladies were looking horrible! My outlet/timer was also out of wack this week, so there is a high chance come Monday all of this will be trashed and restarted with a good ol seed run!

Also my Updates will be moved to Monday because that's when my main journal gets updated and this one is going to be treated with just as much care from now on.

This was thrown together last minute with revegging clones and testers, I feel to give an honest review I need to make sure it's something up to my standards and not the rush job I did.

Pictuuuuure Time!



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These clones have been trashed because I messed up their light cycle terribly and I couldn't risk hermies.

This thread isn't closed just postponed for two weeks til my main grow is done and I have a suitable area and something decent to run.

Main grow journal can be found below in my signature.
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