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Hey guys Spooky here just starting a grow journal to help keep my mouth shut afk so I don't brag about my plants etc etc.

Long time guest (5yr+) just made an account then.

Anyways brief history before I start journal. I am growing two Agent Orange clones outdoors using House and Garden Soil A/B.


This is my friends racing horse stables 7 year old horse manure and sawdust compost.

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The horse manure sawdust mix I got about 150L worth in two big bags for one plant :p


I began digging a big hole for it.

Next day:


Actually I'm not sure if this was the next day I think I let the horse mix (had to be mixed with two different bags of potting mix to fill hole) sit for a bit to cool down.



Anyways watered her in a few of fan leaves snapped so I cut them off on both plants the storm winds had knocked them over in their pots and they had rolled around. The problem is these were indoor clones and used to 24 hours light and have decided to start flowering even though I'm getting 13.5 natural hours of sunlight. Hopefully it will sort itself out? Probably shouldn't have cut snapped fan leaves off either.

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Oh and this is "Squidley" my friend made:


It's to be buried next to plant with pipes ending at different soil depths beneath plant to deliver nutrients and water straight to roots.

I think it's hilarious. Can't wait to get it.

List of things I need:

New gate
Motion sensor that alerts iPhone
A brain
Gravity fed squidley delivery...

Please let me know what you think of radical ideas and general set up! Cheers happy tokin. Oh date is 25th of October.

I received clones about 12 inches tall and I think they are adjusting to new non indoor 24 hour photoperiod by going into flower. Hopefully I don't have to do anything and they realise it's veg time and explode soon.

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Hey Tank you're the man! Thank you! First reply ever woo hoo new best friend lol. I'll check out your journals now. This is for you:


Soil guy just came over bringing in more bags tomorrow lunch time. I gave him a big bud he offered me cash but I like to keep this guy happy his soil has been dubbed Chocolate Gü by me, one time. Wanted the one in the pot and I refused and told him I could get him one from people I know in exchange for his soil.

This is keeping us happy at the moment:


Anyways haven't been this excited about a grow in a long time also stoked on Tank Engine I'm off to stalk his boards!

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Haha I don't have much up I never got into forums until recently. I did have 3 photos going nicely last year until they were stolen by some heartless thief. I will be starting a new grow and journal soon I'll keep you posted I'm just waiting for a bit more of my gear to arrive then I've got 15 Dutch Passion seeds that need to go into the ground. That nug looks delicious! Have a bowl for me!

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I will have a big one for you my friend! That was a gin and tonic by the way. Hey I just sent an email to H&G explaining how I use Soil A/B and wrote asking for sample pack like you suggested that was cool advice.

Don't let spineless rippers get you down they are a waste of air. My last grow resulted in thief ripping of top of biggest plant that had just gone into flower then raid shortly after lol. 28 plants :S Fuck.

Now about that bowl! Oh and can't wait to see a tropical grow journal from you.

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Yeah I was just going on a whim for the nutrients but to be receiving a pack like that really says something about House and Garden and how highly they perceive their products. Like personally I'd love to use their whole line but inexperience and costs (H&G are ridiculously expensive here in Aus) are holding me back a bit so until I have more experience I'm going to go with the General Hydroponics Flora Trio. I don't want to play around and mess up my plants with House and Garden just yet haha.

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Going outside to get some morning pictures now. Went to pick up some nice top soil with ceramic balls in it from a friend and some Iced Grapefruit ready to smoke will show on request.

Its overcast outside I'll skip the photos for now its much of the same. The sun just came up and its overcast outside so no neat sunbeam tricks like last time. Im getting a spray bottle for cheap at 9am when the store opens and maybe a nice plant tonic made of seaweed concentrate we will see. Otherwise going to use to spray bottle to feed with A/B for now.

So at 9am I will add a couple inches of this new top soil with the cermaic balls in it for better water penetration to the smartish soil. This is to avoid caking of the basically pure potting mix top layer of the 3x3x3 feet hole.

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Went to shops today and bought a 1L spray bottle and seaweed extract. Post feeding photos:


Perked right up like tank said. Also I added a layer of my friends top soil with ceramic balls in it to help with irrigation.


Loving the seasol. Also fed with A/B prior to this this morning.


The roses wanted in on the "live action son"


Some seasol for you.

Besides that I'm about to start another big hole next to it for my one that is still potted and starting to lag behind.

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Working on hole at the moment rushing to get this other girl hard wired.

Soil derivery:


Some more photos after seasol mist. A few hours after original application:


Gotta get this hole dug...


And that's pretty much it for now stoked on both soil deliveries from different people today. New hole gives opportunity for squidley installation without damaging roots. Few mods like mesh covered air spaces at end of tubes to go etc should be done same time as hole. Aiming for end of tomorrow.

Note to self: tips of leaves my show signs of nute burn back off A/B for a bit

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Nice outdoor, i thought the same thing that soil is still loaded for a while,maybe some great white shark, or some sort of root enhancer. Good luck im subbed:cheer:
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