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Spots on plants leaves, please help, first grow: again, more pics


40% Sativa, 60% Indica
2 months old
5 gallon pot
600w HID light (about 22 inches[56 cm] from plant top)
Sensi grow - from advanced nutrients
Growing in soil, feeding about 0,5 gallons (2 liters) of water every 2-3 days

(this ocures only on few leaves)
Last time I get advice from Emilya, that it might be a start of a magnesium deficiency. Can someone cofirm that please? (I trust her, I just want to be sure)

Because of nitrogen toxicity I've been feeding her half the nutriens she is supposed to get for a month now, so I am bit curious what is happening to her.
Overall plant looks good. Bottom leaves are yellowing but I suppose that's normal, because it's proppably caused by not haveing enough light.
Some leaves have claws, but I can't lower the amount of nutriens my plant is getting because I have no other way to balance PH, than my PH perfect nutriens.


Looks like you may have spilled your nutrient feed onto the plant?? Doesn't look like anything systemic or a pest.
Woah, didn't think of that. Might be it. I am mixing my nutriens close to her, this would explain why is it on only 4 leaves and on one side of the plant. I'll be more carefull mixing nutriens nextime. Thanks!
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