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Spring Break!!!


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Unfortunately I am too poor to do much but I am going to the shore tomorrow. I was able to pick up a shitload of hours for the beginning of the week. I work one job tommorrow until 2pm and then we are off! I have to be back for work Friday evening though . . .

Tonight will be like preparing for Christmas . . . instead of ham or fruitcake in the oven it will be some firecrackers and instead of wrapping gifts we will be rolling blunts!! :439:

Have to go buy some blunts, batteries, and munchies and pack some blankets and shit tonight!!

I can't wait to lay under the stars on the beach smoking a blunt and listening to the waves. So sublime.

I NEED this break.

Anyone else on spring break? What are your plans?


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Mine starts Monday the 17th. Unfortunately, I'm still not smoking right now, don't have cash to go anywhere, and there is still snow even though it is warmed up into the mid 40's.

Not gonna be the best break I ever had.

At least I can sleep in for a week.
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